Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black River County Park (Chester, NJ)

So wif it being a howliday weekend for memorials day, we woz looking for a hike wot did not involve driving on the Garden State Pawkway (that be the way to most of our hikes) coz we would just be sitting there the rest of the howliday weekend in traffiks. So we headed out west to the Black River County Park on I-78 wot had no traffiks and hiked 12 miles. It woz kwite loverly and we woz pleasantly surprised. We did not think the hike would be as nice as it woz. I show you.

Furst we started by the Cooper gristmill where they grinded up wheat, corn and udder grains in the 19th century.

Going down those steps rite there bringed us to the trails wot goes along the Black River:

OMD! Wot is a baftub doing in the middle of the woods?

Mom seened an old foundashun of an old howse up the hill so it must has belonged in that howse a long time ago. The baftub woz only big enuff for half a peeples. Woz peeples tiny back then? I is surprised that baftub has not been snatched up coz I think it do be an anteek wot could be werf some kibble all cleaned up.

So I is telling you, it woz HAWT out today! We did not even knows how hawt until we had to hike just a little way thru full sunbeams.

I sayed to mom to hurry up and get back unner the trees where there be air condishunning:

See, it like a jungle in here...

And the trees is not letting the hawt sunbeams thru... (This would be purrfect for your mom, Lucy!)

We wented thru a tunnel. I woz not skeered.

Then we sat down by the river in the cool breezes and had our snacks. No worries, I woz not nomming on mom's Clif bar. It has apricawts in it, BLECH! I woz hasing my Zuke's treats from my furrend Boris.

Mom nabbed me to show the litters wot we founded afore I could make it to my bed. So I had to snooze by the litters.

Mom, you call this litters? Somebody dropped they nikoteen gums by axident and there be a ribbon and part of a candy wrapper. This not be werth my time so how about I rolls over on it and you gibs me a belleh rub?

And now for the Shawnee Cam!


  1. Hey Shawnee,
    I was just thinking how hot your hike must have been today and then saw your note about the shade and all the trees. I bet that felt good! Yes, you're right that mama would definitely like that. That old mill is a really neat old stone building. The tree-lined path along the river with just little dappled sunshine looks so pleasant and pretty. From these pictures, it looks like you had a lot of shady paths in spite of the hot day today. Mama says she's glad she doesn't have to clean that tub, antique or not. I've had Zuke's kitty treats and they are yummy. Glad the litter wasn't too bad. Mama would've given you a nice belleh rub if she were there. Looks like you got pretty tuckered out there. It's it great that there's one more day to this weekend?

  2. OMC u doz go to sum beary nice places.

    We lub dat pikshur of u wif all dem ferns n da nekkid trees ahind u.

    Either da shawnee cam no likes shades or u wuz runnin thru da woods. Woz da big bad woof affer u? O, wait u iz da big bad woof.

  3. That really does look like a good trail and a good hike. We do love our hikes.

  4. I'm glad your mom remembered your no-hunting-me vest! But if it was so hot, and you were beside a river, why didn't you get to go in the waters to cool of your paws?

    Great Shawnee Cam pics!

  5. My Xterra was on some of I78 today!

    It steered off at Allentown!

    Thanks fur sharing those great hiking pikhs!

    Of khourse, I think I like the belleh one best!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. What bootiful woods and country side my furriend! Looks likes much fun and you gots a belly rub too! MOL


  7. You certainly do live in a great area with lots of wonderful parks to explore. This was another really good one. Probably more my "speed" cuz I noticed no hills or mountains.

  8. Trees make the bestest air conditioning! It was in the 90s today in Furrginia but in the shade there was a nice breeze too! Looks like it was a good hike!

  9. That Shawnee cam looks a lot like my walks home on Saturday nights in college. :)

    You might want to sample that Cliff bar, those are some tasty nom noms!

  10. We did two walks this weekend too my pal. Each was very nice but not so pretty as your walks and not so far too. Willium does complane cos we walked for two hours. I fink that is nuffink for you