Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pet Blog Hop

I is not kwite shore I unnerstand how this werks but I is going to give it a try. I is supposed to copy a linkie wot I is going to paste here:

I think the way it werks is if'n you copy the linkie then you hop around from blog to blog or somefing. OK, well, I is gibbing it my bestest shot. Here goes.

Oh, I think I gotted it now. After you grab that linkie wot you get up there unner the list and paste it in your bloggie, you publish your bloggie then go and add your bloggie URL as the next one on the list and efurrybody else gets it on their list. I think.


  1. Thanks for the tip
    next time I will join also :))))

    Have A Happy Weekend

  2. Discovered your blog while browsing the blog hop list. It looks like Shawnee is is quite the adventurer.

  3. Caught you on the blog hop. I'm adding you to my "must read" list.

  4. I hope woo got out to hike on this beaWOOtiful day!


  5. BOL! I wanted to do this too and didn't really understand what I was supposed to do!

  6. Oh. I'm totally doing the blog hop thing wrong... Oopsie...