Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ramapo Mountain State Forest, NJ

A few years ago when my sis Dixie used to hike, mom taked us to the Ramapo Mountain State Forest to do hikings but it woz so crazzee crowded wif peeples that we left and wented somewhere else. So today we got there rilly early to start hiking at 7 am. There woz alreddy lots of peeples there but once we gotted into the park and away from the lake, we gotted away from the crowds. We hiked 12 miles and it turned out to be kwite nice. We had some wonnerful seenik views:

There woz also a grate view of the Noo York City skyline:

Then we gotted to this rawk wall wot is ahind me wot we had to climb over. Mom thoughted it would be a prawblem for me but it woz not, I jumped rite up and mom gibbed me a boost in the bootie and over I wented.

And you will never believe wot woz on the udder side of that wall. A castle! For real, rite here in the You Ess of Ay where we dussn't even has kings and queens. But I could pretend I woz the princess of the castle... It is akshually ruins of the castle coz it is all brokened now. (This linkie tells you all about the castle and has pikshurs of wot it looked like when it was not all brokened.)

We wandered around the castle for a while eggsploring. It woz very kewl. But we founded something else - the litter bugs woz hard at werk. This was the litter afore:

This woz after we picked it all up:

And there woz so much mom had to put it in a big bag and tie it to her backpack:

There woz more but we show you the total at the end. For now, back to the hike.

We seened a deer... (akshually, there be 2 deers - see the udder one up in the left corner - we did miss him until we seened hims legs up there)

... and if'n she be looking confoozed, that would be coz of the lowd swishing sound that bag of litters on mom's backpack woz making. Once the deer seened it was a hooman, she gibbed us a last view of hers hiney:

Then we comed to Ramapo Lake and we walked around the whole lake. It woz very beeootifuls.

Mom even taked my backpack off so I could go in the waters.

OK, so we is back home now and I is very tired so I has to go take my nap. I will has Sydney and Dixie show you the litters wot we broughted home for resykling.

Oh, and if'n you missed the Shawnee Cam pikshurs of the hike, they be here.


  1. Hello! I enjoyed the pictures from your beautiful hike and I was so happy to see you helped by cleaning up that nasty litter. I adore GSDs and can't wait to see more.
    (Found you just flipping through the blog hop this week, a little late. ;) )

  2. This place is so pretty. Love the Van Slyke Castle. It was quite beautiful but even the ruins are still quite nice to look at, especially with all the green foilage around. Thank you for picking up all that nasty litter! The reflection of the sky and clouds in the lake is lovely. That's a great shot. I'm glad you got wade in it, Shawnee.

  3. That castle is totally cool! What gorgeous place. Too bad those naughty litter bugs were there to mess it all up!

  4. i finks it gr8 dat u leaves da recyklin werks affer da walks to ur sisfurs...MOL

    U looks beary attraktive sportin ur Shawnee Cam.

  5. Wow - you got to visit a real castle. What fun to explore around there. Another great adventure. Why are there litterbugs? If only people would learn to pick up after themselves.

  6. Thanks for sharing your bewtiful piktures, an you an your mom did a grate job finding all that nasty trash too

  7. Its always fun to walk with you
    nice to see that beautiful castle :))
    HUgs for all
    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. We go hiking all of the time and that looks like a great place, especially with the castle and DEER! We love the deer.

  9. We are really behind on our bloggie reading since we had two hiking stories to read. I liked the castle and the Lake would have been fun to go swimming in with you!

  10. Fantastic pictures!! You need to visit my forum and post up some pictures: