Monday, May 3, 2010

Douthat State Park, VA (Blue Suck Falls/Tuscarora Overlook/Stony Run)

So on our very furst day at Douthat State Park, we did a wonnerful hike wot woz 10.5 miles long. We started out on the Blue Suck Falls Trail. It is called that coz there is springs wot has sulfur water wot is called "suck licks." This entices animals to come sip the waters and inhale fumes thusly:

We had to climb up, up, up higher and higher...

Here is a waterfall where I went in waters wot woz deeper than wot I thought.

Then we finally started seeing some mountains through the trees...

We wented up some more...

And suddenly in the unnerbrush next to the trail, we heard this rilly lowd purring/chortling sound like it woz a rilly big kitteh in the bushes. It followed us. Mom sayed rilly lowd "SHAWNEE! COME!" even tho I woz rite next to her. I thought she losted her mind until she eggsplained that is so the wildlifes know a hooman is there and they should go on they merry way. The sound finally stopped and we commed to this overlook where there woz a bench for our break.

And this is wot the view looked like from the break bench:

Those is the mountains to the east. We be climbing the first one on anudder one of our hikes. Then we heared a crazzee lowd BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and turned to see this big bug land on mom's backpack!

Mom shoo'd he away but he did not want to bees evikshunned so mom had to push him out wif hers map. He finally left.

So next on to Lookout Rock.

Mom had to climb half way up the rawk to get a pikshur and I tried to follow but it woz too high for me.

Mom got up there and snapped a pikshur of the mountains to the west ahind Lookout Rock.

Next up woz Tuscarora Overlook at the very top of the mountain. Here I is heading to the overlook.

There is a log cabin there. Mom opened the door to peek inside but it woz dark and skeery so she closed the door and we did not go in. Mom is a big chickun.

And now for the gorgeous views of the mountains to the east. And that water in the middle would be Douthat Lake where we started the hike.

So then we comed down off the mountain on the Stony Run Trail.

My paws woz getting hawt but I woz able to kewl them off is some refreshing waters.

Then I founded my furst and only litters. Can you believe it? We hiked over 30 miles in 3 days and this is the only litter we found.

So after the hike mom wented to the park office and used it towards a pin for my backpack. (I don't has euff room on my backpack for more patches.)

So while mom woz in the park office she asked Mr. Park Ranger about that purring noise wot we heared. He tolded mom it woz prolly a bobcat. Well he was rite, it turns out, but that is not all it woz. Mom googled bobcat sounds and founded the exact sound on the innerwebs:

OK, now rilly. It woz a bobcat but she woz looking for a boyfurrend? I IS A GURL! OK, now that we has that strate...

So this is the map of wot we hiked in hawt pink:

Stay tooned, more to come!


  1. What a nice khytty khat!

    Thanks fur sharing the great weekend!


  2. oh my GOSH - 30 miles in 3 days. That's tough hiking too - not an easy peasy walk around my neighborhood. Your pictures are gorgeous again. It's good you got away from that big pussy tat - he might have decided to eat you both for lunch! he's purdy - but he does rule the forrest.

  3. Mom had been holding her breath about the litter you might find at her park. No matter how good park people are, you can't find all the trash! But to only find a quarter! The sun must have been shining on it for you to even see it! Phew!

    Your mom took some fantastic pictures!

  4. A bobcat in heat, huh? I guess you're just universally appealing, Shawnee! BOL! Bridging gender and species in a single bound!

  5. O.o met a bobcat?!?!?

  6. Mama and I are ecstatic that you didn't see any litter! (To be honest, she's been combing me lots and I don't have a hairball ready.)

    The trails are so pretty and green with lots of trees. You guys really went way up high but it was so worth it with those beautiful views! For the record, Mama would have been chicken about the cabin too. We think it's pretty cool that she knew how to scare off that bobcat (without even know what it was). Yikes!!

  7. But if it was looking for a boyfriend, would it be a Bobbettcat? Confusing! Glad she didn't decide to try to take you on a date, that would be all kinds of awkward...

    Only one piece of litter! And shiney money litter? Not bad at all!

  8. I'm sure glad you didn't get any closer to that very-confused bobcat!

    That's just about the best litter report ever for you, isn't it? Amazing!