Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Shawnee Cam!

I will get to telling you about my hikings in a bit but I just has to show you my pikshurs from the Shawnee Cam furst! I is too eggsited to wate. We did not has a camera malfunkshun last week, we had a mom malfunkshun coz she did not do it rite. So she figgered it out and did it rite today so here you goes, my pikshurs!

Trees and sunbeams:

Mom, or her legs that is.

Mom's knee:

A rawk in the woods:

Tall grasses wot we walked by:

Deep in the forest where it woz dark:

Trees and bloo skies:

All of mom BOL!

The forest with sunbeams coming thru the trees:

I taked a pikshur of mom taking a pikshur of me!

This be the hair on my chinny chin chin, and mom's legs BOL!


  1. BOL! Those are some really cool pics, Shawnee! It's great to see things from your angle. I'm loving the hairs on your chinny chin chin, too!

  2. So that's how things look from your angle.

  3. This is cool, Shawnee. Now I know exactly what you see on your hikes!

  4. wow dats neet how U take dem pics do U has a cam of urs own ?? Great Idea xxxxx


  5. Cool! love Shawnee cam pics! They're better than I expected!
    I especially like the last one :o)

  6. OMC u pikshurs r so pawsum!!! I noo u would be a purrfekt photografer. I doz finks it be gr8 dat we can sees da walkies frum ur point of view n ur mom's pov. So glads herz did figger it out. Keeps dem Shawnee cam pikshurs comin.

  7. There is just NO end to your talents!

    Great pikhs!


  8. OMC! Dat is so pawsome Shawnee! I so happy dat your Shawnee cam worked after alls and we gots to sees your pics. What a pawsome invention, momma has to checks dis out. MOL

  9. Hey you got a cam like the Merlin Cam! Aren't they fun? Merlin Cam II is here and I will be up and taking photos soon. So happy!