Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY, TN, VA and Wilderness Road State Park, VA

Furriday, Joon 25 woz our lastest day of vakashun in Furginia and we wanted to go to Cumberland National Historical Park wot woz 3 hours away. It woz a long drive in the car fur a day hike but we gotted to hike in 3 states all at one time - Furginia, Kentuckee and Tennesseessee - and rilly, we woz so close how could we not drive a little farther? Our hike there woz 9 miles. Where we started the hike woz in Tennesseessee where I had to gib a woofout to my furrend Johann and hims sisfur Gracie:

Mom thinks her kin on her daddy's side taked the fambly from Halifax, VA where they settled in the 1700's on the Wilderness Road wot goes thru Cumberland Gap to Tazewell, TN where they lived for a while in 1825. That be the only road back then so we prolly hiked in they footsteps. So come wif us and we show you.

So mom's kin must has commed in on the Wilderness Road

Then they would has hanged a left at the Tennesseessee Road...

...on they way to Tazewell, TN wot is only 12 miles away.

They would has passed by the iron furnace wot woz already here in 1820 so 5 years afore they passed by. We wonner if they stopped to look at it like we did. Mebbe?

So after that fambly trip we wented through the Gap

Oh, check this out! The Shawnee Injuns and Cherokee Injuns commed togedder rite here to put the bitey on each udder. I swear, it woz afore my time and I had nuttin to do wif it!

We then headed on to Tri-State Peaks where I thought I standed in three states all at one time but when we camed home we realized we did not go far enuff. It is wot the sign sayed and then we camed to this thingie wot we thought woz it but it woz not:

So ruffly this is where the 3 states come togedder:

But we should has kept going a bit to the real junkshun. Bummer, we woz so close and did not knows it. But we still hiked in all 3 states.

So then we wented on to Fort McCook. It woz very foggy and we woz in the clowds so the pikshurs is not very good.

Then we headed into the woods up the mountain to The Pinnacle wot is a seenik overlook wot peeples can drive they cars up to. But we hiked and it woz hawt and steep!

Then we wented on the Ridge Trail where mom signed a register in the middle of the woods. It asked how many woz hiking and mom writed "1 + 1 dog" - that would be ME!

There woz a seenik overlook wot only hikers can get to. We think it woz a better seenik view and it woz like we could reach up and tutch the clowds they woz hanging so low.

On the Ridge Trail, my left side woz hiking in Kentuckee at the same time my rite side woz hiking in Furginia!

Then we commed to a kewl cave called Skylight Cave wot you can go inside of but mom woz kreeped out and would not let us go inside. Bummer.

We also walked thru the town of Cumberland Gap, TN and mom woz wonnering why the mens werking on cutting down weeds woz wearing black and white zebra pants. Duh, mom, they woz prisoners wot had to werk. No free ride in jail for them!

We seened this lizard in the road and mom taked hims pikshure afore she shoo'd him off so he would not get skwished by a car.

We then gotted back to our car and drived to Wilderness Road State Park wot is where mom's kin would has walked through back in 1825.

We hiked the Indian Ridge Trail:

I barely maded it around the 1 mile loop coz I started limping again so we had go leave and head back on the 3 hour drive to our cabin.

No worries tho coz now that we is back home and I has rested I is not limping any mores and I is running around with my sisfurs. I missed them lots but I shore did has eggsiting advenshures on my trip.

And most impawtantly, a HUGE thank you and woofout to my furrend Yoda and hims mom who werks for VA State Parks for hooking us up with the bestest advenshures in Furginia!


  1. You are welcome! Glad you had such a wonderful visit. Although mom does not hike, she had visited the pinnacles and done a couple of short "walks" at Cumberland Gap National Park.

  2. Scenic overlooks...hiking in different states at the same time...and prisoners?!?! Now THAT is quite the adventure! *snickers*

  3. Your pictures from this vacation brought back lots of memories to M. She and D drove (not hiked) the Blue Ridge Parkway many years ago. It was gorgeous. They pulled over to stop wherever possible and even hiked about 1 block into sone of the trails. (I know you are laughing at dat - hiking 1 block - dat's probably just warming up for you.)

  4. hey Shawnee, you looked a bit scared at top of cliff.. are you scared of heights? :)

  5. Man...that's so COOL! 3 states in one hike!!! *woof woof woof*
    And that is one cool lizard too!
    So you met Johann and Gracie?