Friday, June 11, 2010

I Has Lyme

Rememmber a cuppul of weeks ago when I wented to the V-E-T to has my toof looked at? I woz due for hasing the V-E-T swipe bloods from me so that happened and my bloods sayed that I was pawsitive for Lyme. We did not knows if'n that meaned I akshually had the diseeze or anty bodies so my bloods woz sented to the lab for a quantitative C6 assay. The V-E-T called today to say the lab sayed I does has Lyme infekshun wot was gibbed to me by the icky tickies. The V-E-T would like to see me has unner 30U/ml and I has 70U/ml. We has knowed dogs wot had hunnerds of U/ml so I is not that bad.

This is a good artikull eggsplaining Lyme dizeeze in dogs - it be eggsactly wot the V-E-T tolded my mom.

Not to worry, I has no symptoms and I has no kidney damage (my bloods showed my kidneys be fine) so I has to take anty biotics for 3 weeks then has my bloods stolened again in 6 months. I will never get rid of all of the Lyme cooties and they can come back or I can get a noo infekshun so we just has to stay on top of it and has my bloods stolened regularly and keep the cootie level down wif anty biotics if'n they be needed again.

So how did I get this from icky tickies wif taking appropriate prekawshuns? For one, Noo Joisey and all the places where we goes hiking around here is at very high risk for getting the Lyme diseeze. You cannot even see me on the map for all the black dots wot is repawted Lyme infekshuns.

Mom woz putting the Frontline on me always to make the tickies ded but last fall it did not werk. Mom walked in her bedroom one day to find bloods all over hers bed. I had pulled 2 icky tickies off of me wot had stolened my bloods and I put the bitey on them so they kind of eggsploded on hers bed. (Mom thought that woz pritty gross.) The tickies lefted me wif bitey holes wot mom putted meds on and that gotted all better. If'n the Frontline had maded them ded like it woz supposed to, they would not has lived long enuff to has sucked my bloods out like that.

So mom tolded the V-E-T about it and the V-E-T sayed she had heard that Frontline not be werking so good any mores, that fleas woz becoming resistant and mebbe tickies, too. (Mom had heared the same thing from udder peeples.) So we switched to K9 Advantix wot also repels ickie tickies (Frontline does not repel) so they not supposed to get on me at all. (KAWSHUN: No using K9 Advantix on or around kittehs!) We has seen no more icky tickies on me since. So for now it do be bizzness as usual and I will hike on!

(Pee Ess - I goes in to has my brokened toof werked on next month - it not be urgent and we has vakashun, then the dentist V-E-T has vakashun, so it can wate.)


  1. Sorry 'bout the lymes -

    Maybe woo need to have your mom make some lemonade now -

    We've been reading about some areas having issues with Frontline not taking khare of the tikhks YET we've also read 'bout some having troubles with the K9 Advantix too -

    The tikhks are getting brave like those nasty skhwirrels -

    Paws khrossed fur all the bad stuffs to be gone by the next blood stealin'!


  2. Shawnee, We are sorry to hear about your terrible brush with the tickies.. We have been lucky. We use Revolution & it has worked so far. It was recommended by a vet where our cabin is. From the map you do have an abundance of them critters. Good to hear you don't have A BAD case of them. I Ernie am black and hairy. Mom thinks it would be hard to find them on me. You be good & take your antybotics. We love you.

  3. Iz sorry you haz teh lymes, an happy you duznt haz symptoms. Its a good thing to share all that informayshuns wiv efurryone too so thanks you Shawnee *purr*

  4. Darn that Frontline! I read on another cat blog hat the kitty was having lots of fleas and her mom figured out that Frontline wasn't working anymore. I'm glad your lyme isn't that bad but I'm still sorry you have it. I hope there's not a chance that you could get sysmptoms later. I'm very happy to hear you can still go on your hikes. Take care, Shawnee!

  5. Aw, that's a shame. You shouldn't have to be sick because Frontline didn't work. We hope the Advantage you're using now will take care of the ticks.

  6. So sorry dat you has dat disease. I know it can be treated successfully, so I keep my paws crossed that it will work for you too.

  7. Sorry you've got the tickie disease! Mom and I are sure happy that it's not going to affect your hiking, though. Hike on, my former foster sis, and you just SHOW those tickies that they shouldn't have ever messed with you!

  8. I'm sorry you have the Lyme cooties, Shawnee. I'm sure glad to hear that the v-e-t think he can make it go mostly away and that you just have to monitor it.

    I didn't know that about Frontline... that's what I use for Pimp and Moo! I will switch from now on.

  9. We are so furry sorry that you got this horrible disease. Momma passed along to others your news about the best flea and tick medicines.

    We are crossing paws that you have a furry quick recovery.

  10. I think mom is worrying about ticks now too since we still use Frontline. But I don't go in the woods as much as you do so maybe I will be okay. We have kitties so not sure about Advantix although it's not like they have anything to do with me! Hope you get rid of that Lyme fast!

  11. Oh my. I ope you be OK my chum. We just noticed that we haz had some ticks just recently and they was not bein made dead by Frontline. Fanks to your advice we chnage our meddysin.

  12. Sorry you got Lyme. My predecessor, Boo, got Lyme even though he had always had the Lyme shot. Mommy found out later there were two different kinds of Lyme and now there may be more. He had to go in for blood tests every other week for 6 months and be on big high doses of antibiotics so treatment must have improved in the past 10 years. Feel better soon!

  13. oh lyme disease for shawnee...*sniffles*... just need to stay on top of it? you're gonna be ok.
    Damn ticks! I hate them! Grrrrrrr

    I love you shawnee *woof*