Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA

I just gotted back from the bestest vakashun EVER! We hiked 56 miles in 7 days in 4 diffrent states! But let me start at the beginnings.

On Caturday, Joon 19 we left our howse in Noo Joisey early in the morning and I taked up my snoopervisory posishun rite away:

I has to watch mom closely coz you knows there be bears out on the highways: (For those of you wot does not know truck driver speak, they call the pawlice "bears".)

Then we had to stop at the rest area in Furginia where we stopped the last time to see if there woz any answers to the p-mail I lefted. OMD, I had lots of p-mail waiting for me there:

I had some ice cold water from the kewler for refreshments after reading all that p-mail:

Then 8 hours after we lefted our howse, we arrived at Hungry Mother State Park in Furginia:

We checked in and wented strate to our pawsome cabin wot woz way up hi atop the mountain so I could sit on the porch and look down on all the udder cabins (loads of fun, I tells you!):

Come on in, I shows you around...

That is akshually the side door so when you come in, there is a bedroom to the left wot would be mom's room:

Across the hallway be the bedroom with two beds:

I decided this be my room and I had mom put my bed atween the two beds on the floor coz see that pikshur on the wall over the one bed? This be it:

The pikshur sayed it be takened at Douthat State Park (where we woz in April) in 1950 and I think that German shepherd dog mite be distant kin so this be my room. It do be the furst time ever I sleeped in a diffrent room than mom but it woz rite across the hallway so I still be close. Mom sayed she would not be skeered if'n I woz not in the same room wif her.

Then we has the bafroom:

The kitchun where we keep the noms:

And the living room and nomming room wif a fireplace:

The door from here takes us out to the rilly huge covered porch:

So after we unpacked the car mom sayed she had a surprise for me. We gotted back in the car and drived over to the udder side of the park. OMD, look at this:

Not only does this park has a pikshur of my kin on my bedroom wall, it has a trail named after ME! So we hiked the Raider's Trail and Old Shawnee Trail wot is in hawt pink for 2 miles.

Then on the way back to our cabin we stopped at Hungry Mother Lake so I could has a refreshing swim afore nomming time:

Uh oh, a noggty litter bug had been at my swimming hole so we taked that wif us and mom putted it in the trash can wot is rite by where you parks your car.

So stay tooned coz there is lots, lots more to come about my adventures wot I had all week!


  1. O M D !!!! 56 miles in 7 days?! That's some serious hiking!

    And you found a trail named after you? Awesome! It's about time something was named after you since you're such a good hiker!

  2. What a great place. Thanks for the tour of the cabin. It's beautiful. And, I'm so impressed that you have a trail named after you. I'm honored to know someone so famous. Great blog post. Love the pictures!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. You are not gonna believe this but mom was actually at the park Friday night. She had to go visit the YCC crew there but she got there late and took the kids to dinner and it was really late when she got done. Next morning she had to see them first and you were gone already.

  4. Great post of the first day of what sounds like an amazing vacation! Your cabin looks nice, and that's so cool about the trail named after you!

  5. Wow, that looks like a rilly cool place Shawnee. They must be delighted to have the real Shawnee hiking their shawnee trail