Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hungry Mother State Park, VA - Molly's Knob Trail and Lake Loop Trail

So after we gotted done with the pawsome hike at Grayson Highlands State Park, we wented back to the cabin and I went to my bedroom for a nap.

When mom woked me up for last potty call, I could not walk to go down the front steps to the grass and mom had to help me. Seems I had owies in my left front leg. Owie. Wot to do? Mom checked my paw, leg and shoulder and gibbed me a massage but we could not tell where the owies woz coming from. Mom sayed we would see how it be in the morning. So on Toosday morning, June 22 it woz better but I rested all day on the porch wif mom while she readed her book.

We did a little 4.5 mile hike to Molly's Knob in the late affernoon to see how my leg be and it woz better. So to tell you about the Molly's Knob hike, I has to gib you the story about how Hungry Mother State Park gotted it's name.

The Legend of Hungry Mother

Legend has it that when the Native Americans destroyed several settlements on the New River south of the park, Molly Marley and her small child were among the survivors taken to the raiders’ base north of the park. They eventually escaped, wandering through the wilderness eating berries. Molly finally collapsed, and her child wandered down a creek until the child found help. The only words the child could utter were "Hungry Mother." The search party arrived at the foot of the mountain where Molly collapsed to find the child's mother dead. Today that mountain is Molly’s Knob, and the stream is Hungry Mother Creek.

So we be hiking to the top of the Molly's Knob.

On the way there woz a kewl deck to rest on coz it woz steep climbing up the mountain.

Wot woz not so kewl is wot Jadya and Kelly did to the beeotiful deck. Shamie on you gurls! That be the same as being a noggty litterbug.

And we catched a nice view of Hungry Mother Lake from up high:

Finally, after much climbing up high, we reached Molly's Knob Summit. Wowser, how beeootiful!

Then we comed back down off the mountain and taked a little detoor to my spot at the lake so I could kewl off in the waters. I see the lake, I is coming....

Rememmer on my furst day here when we picked up litters at my swimming hole? Well, doggone it, there woz alreddy noo litters!

We picked up a whole poop bag full and taked it to the trash can wot you has to walk rite by:

I say GRRRRRR to lazy litterbug peeples wot cannot take their trash a cuppul of steps to the trash can.

So then on Wensday morning of Joon 23 rilly early we gotted up and walked the 6 mile loop around the lake. It woz almost all flat and easy hiking for my leg wot woz getting better. The lake woz kewl looking in the fogs with the sunbeams coming up ahind the mountains.

We crossed a bridge where I founded some p-mail:

More p-mail along the lake:

More p-mail in the woods:

It do be a rilly good thing we did that hiked rilly early. We woz on the trail by 6 am and back at the cabin by 8:30 am. Later in the morning we taked a ride into town where mom buyed herself a Veggie Delite sub at Subway for lunch and buyed me a noo toy at Walgreens while she woz in there picking up some stuffs. Mom did bring the spare car key so she could leave the air condishunning on for me in the car while I wated. Rite after noon when we gotted back to the cabin it started raining and rained all afternoon. Mom and I woz on the big stone porch and we both napped in the rain. We stayed dry coz we had a rufe over our heds.

When mom woz not napping she woz reading her book and kept waking me up when she would LOL while reading. She rilly liked this book and buyed it speshul to read on this trip. It be called "Things You Find on the Appalachian Trail - A Memoir of Discovery, Endurance and a Lazy Dog" The dog in the book, Rufus, wot woz adopted from the humane society and hikes the Appalachian Trail, is a hoot! My gramma wants to read it so we be snail mailing it to her. If'n any udders would like to read it, send me you snail mail address at and mebbe we can has each one wot reads the book snail mail it on to the next. It do be an expensive paperback book ($28 at so it be nice if we can make good use of it and have lots of peeples wot wants to read it. Mom says it should cost $2.38 to snail mail it on to the next one wif the postal peeple media rate so that be well werth it. So let me knows! We do think we should limit it to my furrends wot follows my bloggie so we can keep track of the book if'n that be OK.


  1. Furrginia is a big state - in the east we got no rain to speak of all week and we sure could have used it. It was around 100 every day!

    Please put mom and I on the book list. Sounds fun. Mom said she loved the book "A Walk in the Woods" and this sounds a lot like it.

    Just like mom loves watching cooking shows even though she doesn't like to cook much, she loves reading about hiking. BOL!

  2. Oh - and mom saw those dumb girls that wrote on the deck were so dumb they wrote their last names. Maybe she will send the rangers to get their names and track them down to make them clean it! The lodge on top of the mountain at Douthat has places where people carved their names inside the cabin. GRRRRRRR.

  3. I'm so sorry your leg had owies on your hiking vacation! Glad you got a good, short hike in before those rains came in.

  4. More bootiful pictures. All i can say is - you and your mom must be in the greatest of shape to do all dat hiking!! We is very envious. Bet there are no "pot bellies" in your household. he he

  5. You have some great photos in this post. Wow! Hungry Mother Lake and the views are so beautiful. Sorry to hear about your owie leg but glad it got better. Resting on the porch sounds pretty nice, especially with the rain. I cough up especially large and slimey hairballs on all those darned litterbugs. Mama says that book looks great (checked it out on Amazon). She's gonna e-mail you our address.