Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jefferson National Forest - Crawfish Valley (Rural Retreat, VA)

There woz big thunner storms on our first nite at Hungry Mother State Park but by early in the morning on Sunday Joon 20, the storm clouds woz moving on out and the skies woz a pritty bloo.

When we gotted off the highway we drived down country roads thru farms and seened this old fellah out to pasture:

And this deer:

We seened lots of udder wildlife like rabbits, rakoons, burds, all wot runned across the road but we could not take they pikshurs coz we had to be careful not to run over them with the car! We finally gotted to our hike and got started. We woz following in the pawsteps of some udder dogs wot hiked this wif their dad wot is now in heaben. He lefted direkshuns for this hike so we wanted to follow them. And in the beginning of wot he writed he sayed "Think you're tough?'' Yeah, we be tuff, and we can prove it. But wowser, that be one doggone hard hike! See the mountains ahind the trees? We climbed to the top, hiked all along the ridge up and down like a roller coaster, then down and back thru the valley. The hike be tuff, that is fur shore! Mom thinks since the man hiked this trail they changed it coz he sayed it be 10 miles and fur us it be 13.5 miles!

Then we had to cross a creek and oops, the bridge was unner water! Not a prawblem for me but mom had to take her shoos and socks off and walk over with nekkid feets coz the water comed up to her ankles!

So once mom gotted hers feet dry and shoos back on, we went through the dark, dark woods where the trail climbed up to the top of the mountain. It woz kinda kreepy!

Finally as we gotted to the top of the mountain ridge, the sunbeams comed through and it woz not so kreepy any mores:

We crossed over the Appalachian Trail wot is here in Noo Joisey by us too! It be a rilly, rilly long trail.

After we comed down off the ridge, we camed to Bear Creek but we did not see any bears:

Then we wented thru rilly tall grasses where you almost could not see me!

Mom and I taked a break:

Then we headed back down to the trail wot woz an old road in the Crawfish Valley:

We seened anudder deer on the trail:

And here be the Shawnee Cam pikshures:

Check out the litter we founded and hauled back to the cabin. On the left we has the usual litterbug litter and on the rite we has some stuff peeples dropped on axident - a horse losted hims shoo, a water bottle and a bungee cord wot mom first thought woz a snake!


  1. How far did you hike on the tough hike?

  2. What a wonderful post. Thanks for showing us that tuff hike. Beautiful pictures and great narration. It looks as if you have super fun.

    Have a great day!

  3. I love the picture with the sun beam coming through the trees to shine on you!

  4. Loved the picture of the horsie, & sunbeams in the forest, and of course the deer. Another great hike for you. You sure are lucky to live where there are great hiding trails nearby.

  5. Wow, that sounds like an intense hike! Love the pictures of the sunlight coming through the woods!

  6. Roger and I LOVE the sunbeams pic Shawnee, you look so happy!!