Monday, August 10, 2009

Foster Bunny Penelope Goes To The V-E-T!

Pore, pore bunny :(. Oh, no worries, Penelope is not sickie. Her does needs to be checked by the V-E-T and gets spayed afore hers can be adopted. There was this one little thing that had mom konserned. A baldiness spot on Penelope's head wot was not there afore.

Plus we wanted to be sure Penelope is a gurl coz it not like mom or I really noes how to tell on a wabbit. Very hard to tell on young wabbits. Pwoblem is we donnot has a small animal/exotics V-E-T for the rescue group any mores. The V-E-T we used afore hads to sell hers praktis coz hers was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer :( So what to do? When we needs a specialist for the fosters, we takes them to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. They has an exotics V-E-T and the V-E-Ts there is usually very good so mom called and gotted an appointment. They gotted in the car

and drived there.

Then they waited in the torture chamber for the V-E-T to come.

The V-E-T comed in and sayed that yes, Penelope is a gurl. (Whew! We donnot needs to think up a new name.) The V-E-T sayed it is hard to guess age but Penelope is pwobably 5-6 months old. Do the math - Penelope could has been an Easter giftie bunny for chilluns. GRRRRR. All you hear at Easter time is bad, bad to give bunnies for Easter gifties but peeples no listen. Then when the chilluns gets bored with the bunnies and the peeples see how much werks they is, they turns them loose outside. This is what could has very well happened to Penelope. So tell everyone "Say NO to live bunnies for Easter!" (Click on the pic below for some grate bunny info.)

So anyhoo. Penelope got a very thoro exam. I mean hers even gotted the THERMOMETER!!!

Lookie how good her was. Penelope never struggled or putted the bitey on anyone. Like mom thoughted, she is a little skinnee so she has to gane some wates. Other than that everyfing looks good. And that baldiness spot... Well, mom thoughted mebbe Penelope was some kind of speshul wabbit breed wif a mohawk. The V-E-T sayed Penelope has grease on her head and that is wot is makin her furs spike up! BOL, BOL, silly mom. We is hoping that baldiness might be from the grease on her head. The V-E-T found no mite buggies so it not that but she thinks mebbe it can be ringworm - oh noes! That is so hard to gets rid of and so contagus. Penelope could has picked it up while running luse outside. We has to wate on the culture results to be sure. That takes a week or two so get comfy Penelope. You is going to be wif us a whiles!


  1. Oh, no! I sure hope Foster Bunny does not have ringworm. She was so good at the vet.

  2. Good to hear Penelope had a good V-E-T visit. She's is precious!