Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Trip To The V-E-T

It was only a matter of time before mom remembered that she forgotted our checkups at the V-E-T. She is at the V-E-T all the times with fosters and forgets about us. Not like we is going to remind her or anything. But mom finally remembered and today was the day.

We loaded up...

We waited in the waitings room:

Then we went into the torture chamber, errr, examinations room:

And then, here she camed, the V-E-T!

I knows, she luks really nice and she is. She halps all of our rescued foster buddies for us so they can gets adopted. We really do likes her lots but we has images to uphold.

First it was my turns and I got my laser eyes ready just in case I needs them.

As part of my exam the V-E-T had to takes bloods from my leg. Mom hads to hold me while the V-E-T taked the bloods and Alex, the tech, had to halp too so there was nobody to take the pic (hehehe). If Mom doesn't holds me, then I get the panics and spray stinky anal gland stuff on everybody but 'cause mom was holding me I did not needs to do that and I shut the laser eyes off. Afterwards, Alex gave me a mani/pedicure and I liked that. As long as mom is holding me, we be kewl. Thanks Alex! (And that gave the V-E-T a chance to play with the camera.)

Then it was Sydney's turn...

When the V-E-T did the bloodlettings, Sydney tried to put the bitey on her. (Sydney gots in big troubles with mom for that.)

Then it was Dixie's turn...

Dixie behaved like a perfekt ladee.

So we is all luking to be in good healths and just has to wait on the lab for our bloods. I has arthritis in my right knee but I hads that at my last checkup and it not bothers me. I can do the hikings just fine with no limpings and I take the glookosameen for it. (Mebbe it is my mom that has the arthritis 'cause her sometimes limps after the hikings...)

Oh, and Dixie and I both weighs the sames as we did 1 1/2 years ago (we is gud at keeping our girlish figures) but Sydney gained 4 pounds so mom says she has to do diets! BOL! That is what happens when you try to put the bitey on the V-E-T.

Finally we was finished. Let's bust this joint!

PS - Thanks you Sydney for not hurling in the car like you usually does. We preshiates it.


  1. BOL you guys are so funny! you're such a good boy. We love your mama!

  2. Wow, our mom couldn't imagine taking three woofies to the vet, but you are all so well behaved! Glad the appointment went well!

  3. I am sure your blood tests will be perfect!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. The V-E-T sented mom an email that said...
    "Your kiddos studied for their "tests" because they all got VERY good test results, pretty much everything absolutely normal!!"