Thursday, May 17, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 1

I is baaaaaaack!  Me and mom had a fangtabulous time and now I gets to relive it all while I tells all of YOU about my adventures.  We hiked 75 miles in 10 days and I has LOTS to tell.  So grab a box of Milkbones or nip (if'n you is a kitteh) and a fresh bowl of water and get ready....
Here I is leaving Noo Joisey early in the morning with my "Virginia is for Dog Lovers" bandanner but you cannot see the words coz they is up too high.  I had to share MY seat with the noms.  So you think that woz a good deal?  No way!  It woz all veggies and mom's drinks - BLECH!
Driving and driving and driving and driving and driving...
... and a gabillion hours later, here I is at the Blue Ridge Parkway!
There do be one little problem.  Our mountain woz in a cloud!  You will see more of that later when I is up IN the cloud!
So here we is at our first hike at Humpback Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
I had to climb high up on rawks to get to...
... the wonderful seeniks at Humpback Rocks (but as you can see, furrends, the seeniks is in the cloud so we cannot see them.)
Oh. My. Dog! What is that little two-legger doing up there on the dangerous cliffs?  Mom yelled "WHERE IS THIS CHILD'S PARENTS?!!?!?!" and they came running to get her.  You has to watch those little two-leggers better than that!  Mom watches ME better than that!
So we left Humpback Rocks and went to the Appalachian Trail to go to the summit of Humpack Mountain.  That woz too far fur peeples with little two-leggers to go.
Getting up higher back into that cloud.
Another wonnerful seenik at the summit of Humpback Mountain.  Or mebbe not.  Doggone cloud!
Then I met a new furrend.  He be from Florida and he be hiking the WHOLE Appalachian Trail at one time!  All the way from Georgia to Maine!  It takes 6 months to do that.  His trail name be "The Dude" (you get a cool trail name when you thru hike the Appalachian Trail) and he be missing his dog wot he had to leave at home in Florida so I gibbed him some dog lubbins to make him feel better.
And I hiked some with him, too.
Then I met this thru-hiker, too and hiked a little with him but he was furry much faster than us so I did not see him fur long.  I did not get his trail name but he did tell mom he came all the way from Frankfurt, Germany to hike the Appalachian Trail!
So when we woz done with our hike, we went to the farm museum to see some old timey stuff.
An old timey log cabin.
Now this be my cup of kibble - the old timey chicken coop!
We got a little bit of a seenik on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to driving to our cabin but we had a crasher bug in this picture.
Then another gabillion hours later, ta da!  Our cabin at Smith Mountain Lake State Park!  Come on in and I show you around.
This be the porch fur chillin' and napping (me) and reading (mom) and stuffs.
The be the living room.  It be fur hanging out and chewing on your stuffies and stuff.
This be me and mom's bedroom.  It be fur napping.
This be a little two-legger room but we do not has any little two-leggers so we closed the door.  After I snootered around, of course.
This be the peeple potty but I stay out of there as much as possible coz that be were baths take place.  Shudder.
Those park peeples, always thinking!  Look wot they put ofur my nomming place.  It do wonders fur your appetite.  Skwerrel.  Drool.  (Mom bringed her laptop so we could keep up with the gazillion pictures we took but we did not has any innerwebs while we woz gone so I could not read my furrends' bloggies.  I catch up soon, 'k?)
So here I is hunkering down with Mr. Monkey fur a bit.  Stay tooned fur more on Day 2....


  1. Welcome back - it looks like you had an awesome adventure!


  2. Shawnee - welcome back!!! Wow - you did LOTS of walking! Do your paws hurt? It's a good thing you got to relax with your stuffie :)

  3. That cabin sure looks snazzi inside. I can't wait to hear all about your Virginia vacation.


  4. Wow....Me could write comment as long as your posty bout all dat cool stuff. A SeeNick wheres you couldn't see. BOL Everything looks so nice a peaceful. Reminded me of when Mom took us to da Smoky Mountains and we stayed in a cabin too. Would love to go back again!

  5. Meowza that duz be a far away place in teh clowds! It duz look fun espeshlly meeting teh dood on teh trayle. I can't wayte fur pawrt too!

  6. Wow! That was a great start to your vacation. That human pup needed a leash. Can't wait for the rest of your updates!

  7. I'm so glad to see that you're back! I've been dying to read about your big adventure!


  8. welcome back shawnee we missed you soooooo much. looks like you had a fabtastic time cant wait to see more pictures xxx

  9. Wow, is only day 1 and you haz already saved/rescued two peeples Shawnee. You is da angel of the Happylayshun Trail. I am likin your cabin too and I ope the squizzle do not be distractin you from your noms...*growls at squizzle*

  10. Ok that two legger needed a leash! If we has to have leashes they should too! Wow!

  11. 75 MILES?! Holy cow! That's impressive, Shawnee.

  12. Virginia is such a beautiful state. Mom has only visited there a few times and our Dad would love to live there. Great trip for you and Mom. Thanks for sharing it with us too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. That looks just like the cabin we stayed in at Smith Mountain Lake! I am glad you had a good time!

  14. Y'all picked the BEST way to spend a vacation! Hikin in the woods and stayin in a cabin! Yahoo! :D Those rocks are so cool. Glad you got the attention of the mini two-legger's pawrents :O I didn't know you could hike through the woods through several states! Haven't met The Dude butt sure would like to :) Sounds like a good guy havin a doggie and all. Too bad The Dog couldn't come with him on his Appalachian Adventure! Really liked the spooky shot of you in the forest draped with mist...spooky!

    Waggin at ya,

  15. OK, my silly assistant read all these posts backwards, but it sure does look like a great trip! Glad Mr. Monkey came along on the adventure.

    Your pal, Pip