Saturday, May 19, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 7

This hike started down in the gorge, went up high to the Blue Ridge Parkway, then down, down, down into the gorge again.
The hike started out all easy peasy along a pretty creek...
... then got steeper...
... and steeper!
If'n that was not scary enough, OMD, more stiles!  OK, so I know these has steps where the ones from the other day was ladders but I is scared of steps too.  What you going to do about this, mom?
That's better.
See, safely on the other side.  But mom has to climb the steps, BOL.
Yes, we do be going the right way.
I swear, this is not my poo!  But I has a feeling I know who it belongs to...
Gibbing each other the stink eye.  The cow be standing smack in the middle of the hiking trail so we had to make a big circle around her. 
There was cows all ofur the place gibbing ME the stink eye.  So mom says to them, "Thank you for letting us pass through your lovely home ladies."  Oh, so embarassing!
Check out this pawsome tree growing out of a rawk!
Now I like this kind of stile.  Cows be too fat to fit through but me, piece of kibble.  Mom, on the other paw, got stuck and had to take her backpack off to get through.
Here I is on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
More seeniks along the way.
Lots of spring flowahs on the trail.
Here be some more biggified.
At this next stile there was no barbed wire with fangs so I just squished myself under where others had gone before.
Mom, quit goofing off up there with the camera.
This do be called the Grassy Knoll.
Chicken jerky break on the Grassy Knoll
OMD, more cows!
Me and mom hiking across the cow pasture.  We is best buddies.  (Mom was playing with the timer thingie on her camera.  With mad cows running amok.  Sigh.)
See, the mom cow be teaching the yunguns how to gib me the stink eye already.
Guess what?  This last stile - I climbed up the steps and down the other side.  Mom made me becoz as you can see, the way the wire with the fangs be configured, the blanket trick would not work.
Heading back down in to the gorge.
We passed this old timey house that was built in 1916.  It be the last house left in the woods from the peeples that lived there long ago.  At that time, it do be the fancy schmancy house of the neighborhood.
Then we passed through a campground where they has boxes to keep your kibble and chicken jerky in so the bears don't swipey it.  Wowser, you can fit a lot of chicken jerky in there.
OK, so then we is driving back to our cabin, cruising along the highway, when mom swerves the hikemobile around something and screeches to a stop.  She puts on the hikemobile blinkie lights and starts driving BACKWARDS!  Mom, wassup with this? You is driving the wrong way!  Then mom jumps out of the hikemobile, leaving me in the hikemobile in the middle of the highway!  She comes running back with this in her hand
Yes furrends, this female cardinal bird was sitting in the middle of the road and did not move when the hikemobile went by so mom had to go back and get her.  We think she was clipped by another car and stunned becoz she let mom pick her up and did not try to escape.
So when we got to the park, me and mom consulted with the park ranger about what to do.  The bird started to struggle so mom opened her hand and the bird flew ofur to the park ranger, hanged on to his shirt and pooped on him.  Oops. 
Then the bird escaped from the park ranger, landed in the parking lot and would not let the rangers catch her.   She flew into the fire wood box and we all agreed that was furry good and she could stay there until she felt strong enough to fly away.  I sure hope she did and that she lives happily efur after.
More excitements ahead on Day 8...


  1. what a great adventure...I felt like I was right with you. Look forward to the next installment of your hiking adventure.

  2. GrufFHello there Shawnee! This is our first time here, found you on one of our evening paw plodding constitutionals and so pleased we did! My Parent2Legs love to go walking so we found your pictures really interesting, that's actually why we started blogging, the idea was to show some pictures of our walks, might not be the most popular genre, but we still hope to show some more in the future! oh and we lurrve your neckerchief, I have a little blue one, must expand my wardrobe! Great news about the bird too - paaawww, what an adventure! Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Take care, Barnie x

  3. Wow... every time I shove HH aside to check the computer, I see another posting of another hike. This is delicious. I mean, I am loving living vicariously with all these hikes. Love the pictures of the cows and the bird... what a great ending to the story today. Your mom saved that birdie's life. I'm confident of that.

    Thanks for the wonderful entertainment today.

    Pawhugs, Max

  4. Howdy Shawnee, another fab hike with your mum. We are glad you saved that little birdie and mum says it's supposed to be good luck if a birdie poops on you. We have never seen the bear proof containers before either. Love the photo of you and your mum together too! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. OMC teh birdie! This is so exciting *sits down and waits for pawrt 8*

  6. So much fur one post!

    Orange flowers!!
    Birdies in da road!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: So why did the baby khardinal khross the road?

  7. Your mom caught a bird!!! Wow!!!

    p.s. I don't think Mommy would have fit through that zigzag stile (but don't tell her I said that).

  8. OMD OMD that poor lady cardinal was so scared that she POOPED on Ranger GUY? The ONE with the GUN? OMD OMD She is lucky he was a NICE Ranger Guy or she could have ended up as Roast Cardinal or somethingy.

    You had lunch on the GRASSY KNOLL??? THE INFAMOUS one? NO.. couldn't be THAT one beclaws IT is in Dallas, TEXAS and you are in FURGINIA.

  9. I'm sure glad your mom saved that bird!

    Those cows sure seem to have it out for you, Shawnee! We've never had problems with cows on our hikes, and I hope we never do!


  10. Wow Shawnee that was one crazy adventure! Those cows and their babysitter giving you the stink eye, those styles (good job conquering your fear and getting over that last one!), the wonderful views, that poor cardinal bird! Soooo much adventures! I love the photo of you on the blue ridge parkway! What a great day! Love, Licks, Hugs and Tummy Rubs from your friend Frank x x x x x x. PS, Are you sure that wasn't your poop! BOL!

  11. Phew *mops brow* i am doin all your hikin in one sittin my chum. Is exhaustin, i dussnt kno ow you do the real and mom must be real fit by now. We got plenty of cows near here and we often see em in the woods. One of em charged us once and typist fell offur....wot a doofus.

  12. I'm so glad you and your mom are best buddies!

    The birdie pooped ON the park ranger?! *snickers*

  13. Yay! You saved Momma Cardinal :) Glad she was just stunned and would be okey dokey. Shawnee you sure had lots of those walkin steaks givin you the ol piercin gaze. Maybe bring some alfalfa with ya next time. Make furiends ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Thank you for sharing!This was too cute! :)