Sunday, May 20, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 9

Finally at noon on Day 9 the sunbeams comed out and made the raindrops go away so we could do another hike at Fairy Stone State Park, a furry short drive away from our cabin ofur on the other side of the lake.
There was lots of old timey mines here along the trails.
OMD mom, those thunder boomers knocked down trees across the hiking trails.  We has to climb up the mountain to get around it.
We has to climb up by the roots and go around coz the trees can be wobbly and squish us.
We made it around the blowdowns and could see the swimming beach from up high.
Another tree down.
That be Bull Mountain ofur there.
While running on the Whiskey Run Trail, I could hear BBZzzZzzZzzZZZzzzBbBbBb.  What could that be?
Could it be the park peeples is already here cleaning up the storm mess?
It is, it is!  OMD, these is the fastest park peeples efur alreddy out there cleaning up fallen down trees.
Remember the fallen down trees from the beginning of the hike?  The park peeples has already made us a spot so we can get through.  Thank you park peeples!
That night we had a beautiful sunset at Fairy Stone Lake.

So next up do be the GRAND FINALE - the most excitingest day efur, Day 10.  Loading up the hikemobile with all our stuffs again but is we going home?  You will not believe the great adventure I had so be sure to come back so I can tell you all about it!


  1. Sorry I missed seeing you a couple of days Shawnee, but M got busy around here and she didn't give me puter time at all. All your adventures have been great. How nice the Park Rangers were so on the ball and got the trees cleared out. Now I can' t wait to see your next adventure. Each one this trip has been great.

  2. Those parks peeples are excellent! ...and so nice of them to stand to take a picture with you. :D


  3. It was nice of those park peeps to cut that tree so you didn't have to walk around it again. Can't wait for your next installment. This has been a fun trip.


  4. It was so nice of the Park Peeps to take 87 seconds out to have their picture taken with YOU.

    OMD OMD... that sunset over the lake.
    P L O P It was so beautiful I fainted.

  5. Those are like superhero park people they were so fast!

  6. That was one amazing adventure today Shawnee! It looks like you had so much fun! I can't believe all of those fallen down trees, that must have been scary, you are so very brave to have ventured on in to the forest! Those Park people were doing such a good job, very fast tree clean up going on there! The last photo of fairy stone lake at night looks so incredibly beautiful! My favorite photo tho is with you looking at bull mountain! I'm glad you had a good day and am eagerly awaiting your next adventure, sounds to me like its going to be a good one! Love, licks and Pugalier Hugs and tummy rubs your friend Frank x x x x x

  7. OH Shawnee, I have to say, the FAiry Stone Lake area is my favorite, maybe because I love anything related to fairies.

    Thanks for the link about those Utah Bad Boys. I know I would probably step over the booby trap but My Vickie always had her head so high in the sky looking at the scenery that she would miss it all together until that big rock came swinging down and breaking her skull.

    It is too bad that now she will have to be on gueard more when we go hiking.

    Can't wait for tomorrows post.

  8. Just finished reading installments 5-9. I can't believe all the exciting adventures. You almost stepped on a snake, rescued a birdie and didn't even nom on it once, and found fairy stones! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to read the final installment!

  9. Pawsome sunset pic, Shawnee!!!

  10. Wat a pawsome sunset! Iz can't wayte fur teh finalee!

  11. It's ending already?! Nooo! I've enjoyed reading about your hikes a lot. This is one that I would LOVE to go and visit! And those park people sound like the very best. They deserve some recognition for sure!


  12. I am glad you got to go hikin again Shawnee. Its borin bein inside for too long. The park peeple must ave been pleezed to see some fur makin use of all their ard werk to go hikin.

  13. Holy cow, those park people are FAST! That's impressive. What what a pretty sunset pic!!!

  14. Beautiful sunset! Dawg those park peeps were really on the ball! Cheers to them! :)

    Waggin at ya,