Friday, May 18, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 4

Finally, the sun beams came out and we did a shuttle hike.  That means we parked the hikemobile at one end of the hike and had a nice man, Mr. Homer, come pick us up and drop us off at the other end of the hike so we could hike back to our hikemobile without backtracking.  Mom gave him green papers fur shuttling us and he had a blankie and efurrything in his car just fur ME! 
So we started on the Andy Layne Trail and hiked up to the Appalachian Trail.
Now, there be a little problem on this hike.  We had to cross ofur some stiles.  A stile be that wood ladder thingie that lets you climb ofur the barbed wire fence that keeps cows from escaping.  Do you know I is scared of climbing steps, nefur mind ladders?  Oh, and did I tell you I is scared of cows? 
Fortunately this first stile be a piece of kibble becoz the barbed wire fence was missing and I walked right by, see?  BOL.
See, there was cows on the other side and we be gibbing each other the stink eye.
But mom was all SQUEEEEE ofur the baby cows.  They was romping and playing and stuffs and mom was all like "O. M. G. that is the cutest thing!"  Sigh.  She (mom) can be so embarrassing sometimes.
The next three (yes, 3!) stiles had barbed wire with FANGS but I was not going ofur those stiles.  No way, no how.  But mom came up with an idea.  She does has good ideas sometimes.
She took our break blankie, wrapped it around the fangs of the barbed wire, and I belleh crawled under.  Fun times!
I got a little muddy.  Gorgeous, no?
Even a dip in the creek did not mess up my mud-do.

The sign say No Trespassing but hikers is allowed coz the Roanoke Cement Company lets the trail be there so it be cool.
So we get up to Tinker Cliffs on the Appalachian Trail and OMD, there be vultures up there!   I think they be waiting fur somebuddy to fall of the cliffs and get deaded.
The vulture, biggified.  He was not scared of me.
Wowser!  Check out the seeniks here!
We hiked on the Appalachian Trail and found a spot with a nice seenik fur our break.
We hiked more and more and more heading to McAfee Knob.  If'n you nefur heard of that, it be one of the places on the Appalachian Trail that be photographed the mostest.  You will see why when we get there.
This is not it yet but we is furry close.
Some other hikers taked a picture of me and mom at the seenik.
Just a little more hiking and, drumroll pawlese.....
Ta da!  We is on McAfee Knob!  (But no way was me and mom going all the way to the edge like those other peeples!)
These be my new furrends who taked our picture on McAfee Knob.  They is both thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and just reached the 700 mile mark, 1/3 of the way finished!  The lady's trail name do be "Sugarplum" and she be from Georgia.  The man's trail name be "Mad Hat" and he be from Minnesota.  I got lots of skritches from them.
Then before we moved on, mom put me in a STAY on McAfee Knob and taked my picture all by my lonesome out there.  I was just hoping mom was not leaving me there furever but she did not.  There was no danger of me falling off coz, well, you know, those vultures...
Looking back, this be where I hiked.  It was 14 miles back to our car but we made it and had a wonnerful time!
So Tinker Cliffs and McAfee Knob be 2 of the 3 crown jewels of the Appalachian Trail in the Roanoke, Furginia area.  The third one be called Dragon's Tooth but I will nefur be able to hike there coz you has to climb ladders up the rawks.  I do not think mom's break blankie idea would work fur that.

Back at the cabin that night, mom started packing up our stuff and loading up the car. WAH!?!?!?! Our hiking trip be ofur already?  Find out on Day 5....


  1. Yet anudder nice day. Well, cept fur dat ladder and dat cliff. Me don't do STAY so good so me would be vulture food fur sure!

  2. Wait! How did I miss pawrt 3? Now I haz to baktrak MOL Meowza Shawnee I gotted sweaty paws looking how high up you iz an I like being up high! Skardy times! Thanks you fur sharing thoze bewtiful seeniks, oh an your mom iz rill smart to think of thoze good ideas fur teh fens!

  3. WOW - I think this is your best hike yet. Talk about seenek! You and mom sure do have some great adventures and take some fabulous pictures. Some of the things you do are downright skerry too (M says).

  4. It looks like it was well worth the hike to see those views! But those vultures do look super scary!

  5. Shawnee! We are loving this series. Thank you!

    Bart and Ruby

  6. Hi there, I'm Frank (The Tank) and I'm a new follower of your blog, I found you on Sarge's blog, your so handsome and I've gone through some of your older posts and your adventures are amazing! I love your adventure today, those cows and vultures are scary, I wouldn't want to meet them! Your Mom had a fab idea with the blanket, I don't have a problem with going up steps except to come down them! The photos are all amazing! I love the one of you on the knob, you were soooo good to stay! Also I love your cool banana! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs your new friend Frank x x x x x x

  7. I'm behind on visiting and just read the 1st 4 installments of your vacation adventure. It's just wonderful. I especially love the picture of you by yourself out on that rock. I can't wait for part 5!

  8. That cliff overhang was scary looking! I don't think I would be able to go out on it like you did. You are very brave.


  9. That was so very much thoughtful of Mr. Homer to bring a Blankie.. just fur YOU.

    OMD.. I hope you were super careful around the stile with the FANG WIRE.

    I almost FAINTED when I saw you out there on the Jutting OUT ROCK!! YOU are the mostest BRAVE of the BRAVE.

  10. Mom and I can't stop looking at the pictures in this post. Wow!

  11. Yeah I wouldn't much like those stiles either Shawnee :O Good thinkin on your Mom's part to use your blankie so you could belly crawl under and get a muddin too :) LUV the last photo of the rock with the water puddles in it! Wow! So very nice of those thru-hikers to take you and your Mom's picture on the way up high rock. It's a framer fur sure! :D Such greenery and clear waters to play in all along your hike! Beautiful! Very glad you didn't go to the edge of the cliff. Those vultures sometimes nudge their wouldbe dinners ya know ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  12. That cow looks a tad bit crabby. I would watch out for that one!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Wow pretty!! And cows..ugh...on our way home drum our seekret mission, we passed through a lot of cow territory. Mom and dad lowered the windows so I could smell the cows...pugh! So I gave them the stinkeye...cows is inly good for nomming!!

  14. Hi Shawnee!
    You are a lucky doggy to get such nice walkies and to be sooo pretty.
    Enid x

  15. Thank goodness your mom figured out the blanket trick, but my Mommy was VERY worried about you up on that cliff. That was scary!

  16. My bet is that you moved to another cabin like last year. What a fantastical view, though! I'm so glad and your mom made it up there so you could show us the view. I would love to try that hike, that's for sure!


  17. Nice, we went up their yesterday. This was my favourite pic.

  18. Pawsome seeniks today Shawnee. I sure ope them vultures is on a diet tho. I would not wanna be vulture noms....

  19. The break blanket to cover the barbed wire? BRILLIANT!!!