Friday, May 18, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 3

So on day 3 we did another hike in Smith Mountain Lake State Park.  Mom did not want to drive far away to hike becoz it was supposed to rain more.  We got up and out early in the morning and got back to the cabin before the rain got my furs wet.  And good thing we picked this pawticular day to do this hike coz all of my turtle furrends was waiting fur me - all 7 of them!
This be Turtle Number One
In the woods there was an old timey building.  I think this be a tobacco barn.  Well, it used to be but not any more.
I went in the lake real quick to get my furs wet.  That be different than the rain getting my furs wet (ICK) - HUGE difference.
Good morning Turtle Number Two!
Come on, Turtle Number Three, I'll race ya!
Here be another one of those old timey tobacco barns but it be in much better shape.
Mr. and Mrs. Duck was having a morning swim.
Here be Mr. and Mrs. Duck biggified.  Mom got a new camera that biggifies really big.
Mom's new camera biggifies so big we could see somebuddy at home in the wood duck house across the cove.  Hey, wait a minute, that's not a wood duck!  Is that an owl?  Can anybuddy tell who is in the wood duck house?

Then we headed over there to Turtle Island.
There be a bridge to Turtle Island.
But there was no turtles on Turtle Island.  Go figure.
But once off Turtle Island, wahlah, Turtle Number Four.  Howdy.
We took a break and I had some chicken jerky.  Nommy!
I heard BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in the water so I had mom biggify it with her snazzy new camera.

Mom furgot to take my picture with Turtle Number 5 and Turtle Number 6.  Sigh.
This be Turtle Number Seven.  Well, if'n he was at home. 
Then we went back to the cabin and it rained all afternoon.  It was a good afternoon fur napping (me) and book reading (mom).

More to come, stay tooned fur Day 4...


  1. WOW pal, you are having a great, big adventure again. Talk about a lot of turtles - I hope one didn't snap at you. I hear they sometimes do that.

  2. OMC... I am so lucky. I missed day one and day two, so I get to go back and read them later in the day. I love all the turtles in this one. Great hike. Thanks.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Another great day. We just love turtles so it was fun to so many of your new friends.


  4. Those turtles look like big fetch playin' balls! Did you try to play fetch with them?

  5. LOL - maybe the same turtle was following you?


  6. Turtles?? But not on turtle island? Weird! Maybe that is their summer home?

  7. Wow...what another nice day ceptin fur da rain! No turtles on Turtle Island???? Maybe dey got evicted!

  8. Meowza thoze turtles looks nommy, I mean, kewl! They must have taken teh bridge OFF turtle island MOL. Thoze stoopy machines on teh water spyoles teh nice nature times. I hiss!

  9. I love your conversation with Turtle #7. You sure have some great adventures. Can't wait for the next installment.


  10. SQUIRREL... Squirrel Alert.. SQUIRREL in the Ducky house!!!

    Shawnee.. you have the coolest furends.. SEVEN Turtles??? THAT is amazing!!!

    I am LOVIN this adventure!!!

  11. I'm luvin your Mom's new Biggifyer Camera :D Great shot of Mr. and Mrs. Ducky! and luv the lil owl Awwwww! That Turtle Island was COOL! Too funny it didn't have any turtles on it Ha! Butt you did see lots elsewhere! Got a soft spot for the lil hardshells ;) What kind were those?

    Waggin at ya,

  12. You certainly did make a lot of new friends! We had a mama duck and ducklings walk by our house the other morning. They weren't interested in making friends with me.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. That was a lot of turtles! Mommy is pretty sure that was a screech owl in the wood duck house.

  14. Seven turtles?! Wow! You saw a whole lot of cool stuff, and I'm so glad you didn't get rained on! I hate that, too!


  15. Hmmm, you was one turtle away from a turtle disaster my chum. I ope the rest of the hike was good tho, some say it is turtley overrated out there....

  16. It's too bad you had rain so much! I hope the rest of the days were dryer for you...

    There's a Mr. and Mrs. Duck who live by my neighbor's house and they look JUST like the ones in your picture. I scare them (NOT on purpose!) when we go to visit.