Saturday, May 19, 2012

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 6

Now this was totally pawsome.  We walked out the cabin door to go hiking and I ran to the hikemobile.  Mom sayed "No Shawnee, we aren't taking the car."  Say what?!?!?  So I followed mom across a field and up the street a little ways and OMD, we be right at the hiking trails!  No driving in the hikemobile!
From cabin to hiking trail in 87 steps - my kind of hike!
I swear this is not my poo.  It would not even fit in my poo bag.
I highly recommend the water from the drinking fountain at this establishment.
I was just chillin' here on the dam while mom was doing zoomies with her camera.
Mom was taking pictures of these Spotted Sandpipers with the super powahful zoom on her camera.
And here be pretty Fairy Stone Lake from the dam.
Hmmmmm, looks like some busy beebers was here.
Hey horse!  Did you lose some poo back there?
Ahhh, some pretty falling waters.
And a seenik of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I napped in the middle of the trail while mom sat on the seenik bench and read her book.  With all this hiking I has to grab my naps where and when I can.  No worries, I did not get stepped on becoz there was no other hikers until we got ready to continue on.
But I did almost step on this snek who was napping on the trail.  No worries, I didn't step on him.  But most impawtantly, MOM did not step on him.  That could has been ugly.  Fur the snek.  He be just a harmless Eastern Milk Snake.
More to come on Day 7...


  1. Another amazing day my friend. I am very envious of you and all the beauties you are getting to enjoy.

    I don't think I have that much stamina and iknow my vickie doesn't

    your the best hiker I have ever knowno.

  2. Mom is wishing she could come with you guys! She'd love to have her horses on those trails (although, she does move the poop off to the side so that hikers and pups don't step in it...)


  3. Ruh roh, I have missed a bunch of your adventures! I am thinking that poo belonged to a BEAR or maybe a coyote ...cause us doggies always pick up after ourselves, right?

    Your pal, Pip

  4. I'm glad to see that poo belonged to a horse and not a bear! I think the best part of the scenic picture is the way you are posing. What a great trip. Keep the installments coming.


  5. What a fantastic hike. Although that snek looks pretty sneaky to us...

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumernickel and Winniechuchill

  6. I'm loving these hikes, Shawnee.... you know I am. They are just wonderful and I do love your mom's new camera. Great pictures. Thanks so much for these posts... I'm gonna miss them when your vacation is over.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. MILK comes from SNAKES??? Y:U:C:K I may never drink milk again.

    I liked the horse.. butt I think that Peep needed to bring a MEGA POOPS bag, fur SURE!!!
    That was a very much Pretty Falling waters place. I just wish you had not put THAT picture UNDER the one of the horse.. I'm just sayin.

    ONLY 87 steps from your lodge to the trail.. THAT is sooooo cool Shawnee. No wasted time on this one.

    PeeS... I wish you could have sent me some of that FURginia Rain fur my veggie garden. I should have asked you... before you left fur this FABBO Vacation.

  8. You didn't roll in all that nice new poo?!

  9. You certainly saw some amazing sights! I am loving all of your adventures this time, Shawnee. Well, all of them except that snake...


  10. Oh what an adventure this was! I agree with Merlin Wylt that I would have rolled or even took a little nibble on that nice fresh horse poops! Ha,Ha! The photos are all so stunning, love the first photo with you and the sign, you look soooo happy! How cool was it that you only had to walk those 87 steps for a hike and what a beautiful hike it was! I can't believe you took a nap while out there on the hiking trails, you must have been exhausted! Bless you! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your friend Frank x x x x x

  11. Lola would ave nommed that poop down...she ave no manners....i am glad the snek was not dangruss and even more pleezed that you an mom kno the diffrunce...

  12. Wow. You'd need super big poop bags for horse poops! Is it strange that horses leave their poo but our parents have to pick up after us?

  13. Another beautiful hike right near your cabin?! Wow! You sure know how to pick your vacation spots Shawnee :) Luv the running water and vistas. Very cool snake! Glad neither of you stepped on it :)

    Waggin at ya,