Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Shawnee

OMD! I was tagged by my good fwend George the Duck to plays this bloggie game. (I is very honored that I has also been tagged by Caplin Rous and Tilly!) When you is tagged, you has to give 7 reasons why you is pawsome and then tag 7 fwends who is supposed to do the same.

OK, here goes. I is awesome coz...

1) I wented to school and gotted an edukashun so I could bees a Canine Good Citizen.

2) I has two pawsome sisfurs.

3) I doesn't tries to nom on Penelope the foster bunny.

4) I help mom out sometimes at pet adopshun day.

5) I keep my mom's shoos safe in my hidey spot.

6) I takes my mom hiking.

7) I always shares my pwizes I wonned wif my sisfurs and fosters.

OK now I has to pick 7 fwends to tag. Common, play along! We all wants to know how pawsome everypal is! So TAG, you're it:
  1. Zackary Rabbit - A Little Somebunny's Creation
  2. Anna - Anna's Dog Blog
  3. Lucy - Lucy's Cat Lounge
  4. Reese - A Kitty Named Reese
  5. Sasha & Ernie - The Clampets
  6. Baby Patches - Confessions of the Plume
  7. Dunkin - A Cat's Life


  1. Congrats on being tagged, Shawnee! You sure are awesome... and all these pictures prove it! (Plus, I'm sure there's more reasons...)


  2. You really are awesome! Thank you so much for tagging me!! I really appreciate the honor. Thanks for thinking of me. Your friend,Reese

  3. You is awesome!! I see the proof.

    Thanks so much for tagging me! I will answer in my Tuesday post.



  4. Wow...Shawnee, you are just awesome pawsome!!!

  5. awwww, look at you! I love the Dick Von Duck show - you're lucky to have him livin at your place and he's lucky to be livin with such a loving family!