Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Shawnee

OMD! I was tagged by my good fwend George the Duck to plays this bloggie game. (I is very honored that I has also been tagged by Caplin Rous and Tilly!) When you is tagged, you has to give 7 reasons why you is pawsome and then tag 7 fwends who is supposed to do the same.

OK, here goes. I is awesome coz...

1) I wented to school and gotted an edukashun so I could bees a Canine Good Citizen.

2) I has two pawsome sisfurs.

3) I doesn't tries to nom on Penelope the foster bunny.

4) I help mom out sometimes at pet adopshun day.

5) I keep my mom's shoos safe in my hidey spot.

6) I takes my mom hiking.

7) I always shares my pwizes I wonned wif my sisfurs and fosters.

OK now I has to pick 7 fwends to tag. Common, play along! We all wants to know how pawsome everypal is! So TAG, you're it:
  1. Zackary Rabbit - A Little Somebunny's Creation
  2. Anna - Anna's Dog Blog
  3. Lucy - Lucy's Cat Lounge
  4. Reese - A Kitty Named Reese
  5. Sasha & Ernie - The Clampets
  6. Baby Patches - Confessions of the Plume
  7. Dunkin - A Cat's Life


Your Daily Cute said...

Congrats on being tagged, Shawnee! You sure are awesome... and all these pictures prove it! (Plus, I'm sure there's more reasons...)


Reese =^..^= said...

You really are awesome! Thank you so much for tagging me!! I really appreciate the honor. Thanks for thinking of me. Your friend,Reese

Lucy the Cat said...

You is awesome!! I see the proof.

Thanks so much for tagging me! I will answer in my Tuesday post.



LouPeb said...

Wow...Shawnee, you are just awesome pawsome!!!

Flo said...

awwww, look at you! I love the Dick Von Duck show - you're lucky to have him livin at your place and he's lucky to be livin with such a loving family!