Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Penelope, My New Foster Bunny!

Isn't Penelope just the kewtest bunbun ever? She is so fwendly, never tries to put on the bitey and not minds at all when mom pets her or picks her up.

She is a little skeered of me but I just sayed "hello" and leaved her alone.

Somebody had seen Penelope hopping around their yard for 5 days and they broughted her to the animal shelter. Penelope was not going to be getting fresh veggies at the shelter and she was in a tiny cage in the kitteh room so I told mom she had to bring Penelope home for us to foster. So mom stopped and buyed some veggies on the way home with Penelope.

Penelope luvs hers fresh veggies so much that she yanks them out of mom's hand when mom brings the veggies to her cage! And then she does NOM NOM NOM NOM until the veggies is all gone. We can feel Penelope's little bones but she should put some wate on fast with all the noms she is getting here! (Pee Ess - the veggies in the pic above lasted for 5 days! She nommed that plus pellets, orchard grasses and hays!)

We has Penelope in a big cage. We used the doggie x-pen on top of a tarp which gives her 48 x 48 inches of space. You cannot buys a cage that big! We is all about giving our foster pals space. We no likes the cages they sells in pet stores coz they is way to wittle. We gaved Penelope a couple of litter box options (different styles with different kinds of litters) to see what her likes best and if she uses her litter boxes like a good gurl, then we will lets her hops around the room some. Cept for we has to be careful about Calvin, the foster dog. He wants to nom on Penelope big time! We dunnot allow nomming on each udder here.


  1. Wow, that looks like a fun set-up. Mah hooman would love the salid. :)

  2. Aw, so precious! Great set up for the pretty bunny. Thank you for rescuing her.

  3. Meowee! Penelope hit the foster jackpot. I hope she finds a nice forever home. In the meantime, she's in the best place ever.

  4. i do so like dis bun bun's hairdo!!! And wot a great big salad for nomming.

    Herz iz lucky fur to hab u!

  5. Love and wuzzes for that little bunee

  6. *waving paw* HELLO Penelope!! That was so nice of Shawnee's mom to take you in!! I hope you like it there!! You look like you have really nice veggies to nom and such a nice big sister!!