Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surfin Safari Pwizes From @BabyPatches!

I wonded second place in @BabyPatches Surfin Safari Giveaway! Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

The FedEx man ranged the doorbell and we all barkded really lowd so mom noed iz important! Here is what he bringed us. I noes it from @BabyPatches coz she werks at her mom's store and I can smell her scent on the packages so I know her was on the job doing kwalitee kontrole soopervishuns.

It's a Chase It toy! Checks it out!

I had mom order a Turbo Track wif the $20 gift certificate for foster kitteh Patty wot lives in a different foster home so her can has some funs too.

What is that, foster dog Calvin? There is more?

Oh, of course, the Woofles! NOMMY! I gonna share wif everyone! Thank you @BabyPatches for the wonnerful pwizes!


  1. Yay! I so happy dat your packages got der safely and it looks likes efurryone enjoyings da Chase It plus you wif your woofles MOL hehe

    I knows you luvs those mai furriend

    Thanks for da wonderfur post Purrrrrrrrrrrrs

  2. wow u sure did winned sum really cool pwize der. dat baby patches iz one kewl kitteh to hab such great contesty!

    Gud ta see dat little calvin findin da noms n joining in on da funs!!