Friday, August 7, 2009

Paulinskill Valley Trail (Blairstown, NJ - Stillwater, NJ)

We did our hikings on a Friday this week coz mom has plenty of vakashun times to use up over at her werks and today was supposed to be a grate wevver day. Just look at the pic of the sky on our drives out to the hikings. You can sees what a beeootiful day is was gonna be and this was at 7 o'clocks in the mornings!

We started out hikings at the same place as last week cept for we headed east instead of west this time on the Paulinskill Valley Trail.

Because we was on a Rails-to-Trails hike, there was old mile markings from when the train trackies used to be there. The "JC" means Jersey City so each marker is how many miles to Jersey City. We passed 7 of them so that means we hiked over 12 miles today! Probably 13 miles since we started before the first marker and turned around a bit after the last marker.

There was also some interesting historikal markers on the trail. This stuffs is all from way before I was birfed.

And lookie, we saw more horsies! Akshually, we probably saw about 20 horsies today but we didn't take pics wif all of them. I is now very horsie experienced and the horsie moms and dads all komment on how well behaved I is around the horsies.

Then I decided I would play like a horsie:

Then I metted a new fwend. His name is Pele (like the soccer player) and he is a hoomungus Rhodesian Ridgeback dawg. We hiked together for a while and did some swimmings. Pele was very nice.

Then mom saw this on the sides of the trail and it really creeped her out. Is it some sort of shrine or a religis kult thingie? Oooooo. Spooky.

So Pele and his mom gotted to their car and sayed good-bye to us and we finished and gotted to our car. On the way homes, the traffiks suddenly stopped on both sides of the highway.

What was the pwoblem? Oh, it was those construkshun werkers. Boo.

At least our side didn't stay stopped for too long but on the other side it was stopped for miles and miles and miles. Those poor peeples.

But we maded it home and it was a grate hiking day. I is going to nap in my hidey spot now. Bai.


  1. I just love your hiking stories Shawnee!! Dang we want to go hiking more than we do, you are so lucky!!!

    Woofs, Johann

  2. Dat wuz a bery interesting hiking u tooked. I not fink ma human could go on such a long outtin.

    I no fink u needs to worry about voodoo or a kult dat looked like one of dem road side memorials i seed on da way to da v-e-t. On second thought u mights need ta worries about ghosties!

    did u ever get da haunted ducky of your exercized?

  3. Wow Shawnee!! Sounds like you had an amazin day! (minus the traffic at da end)! You got to swim and hike and play with friends! you a very lucky dawgie!!

  4. We are so happy to make your aquaintance. We do not find many GDS's that blog. Scout da 'triever finds lots of his breed so we are furry happy to meet you! We will be back lots to see what you are doing!☺

  5. Ooo's GSD's. When you don't have opposable thumbs your keyboarding leaves lots to be desired☺

  6. HI, I just found your blog. Your hiking story and photos are wonderful. What a beautiful German Shepherd you are.

    I will be following and will be back often:)

  7. I think my sister Grete wants to hang out with you!