Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paulinskill Valley Trail (Swartswood, NJ - Stillwater, NJ)

So today we hiked another section of the Paulinskill Valley Trail but only about 8.5 miles this time. These are the old railroad mile markers we passed wot say how far it be to Jersey City.

We only hiked 8.5 miles today coz it was very hot, hazee and hoomid as you can see in this pic from our drive to the hikings:

As we was driving through the town of Newton to get to the hikings, look at what we sawed:

Oh noes! When mom pulled up next to the deer to take her pic and rolled down the window, I whimpered at the deer coz I was very worried

Then right before the parking for the hikings trail:

No worries, their mommy was wif them. She dinnot fitted in the camera.

So we gotted to the hikings trail.

Look at all these mushrooms growing on the twee!

Hmmm. Wot is this? Did they used to make fwosty paws here long times ago?

Then all of a suddens...

♫ DUM ♪ DA ♪ DUM ♪ DUM ♫

Wot to do?

We was looking down the steep hill (it was much steeper than it looks in the picture) trying to decide if'n we should give a try going down when a nice man stopped his truck down on the street, rolled down his window and yelled up at us where to go to get back on the trail on the udder sides. Yay! We did it. But it would has been nice if'n the park peeples putted up a detoor sign, no?

We could see the Paulinskill Lake but it was too steep down to gets to it. I was hot and hoomid and needed to get my furs wet. Bummer.

So then we sawed anudder old fwosty paw place but it was rilly all weeds. I sure could has used a fwosty paw in the heats.

Finally, mom founded a way to the lake for me! It was pwobably not allowed coz it was pwivate pwoperty, but it looked like commershal pwoperty so mom figured it would be OK since it was not somebody's house. I swammed speedy quick so we did not gets caught. It was so refreshing.

Then we headed back and droved home.

Mebbe we can has some dry air from Kanada next weekend so we can do longer hikings again. We mite even be able to finish up the Paulinskill Trail so our paws will has been on every mile of it and then we can finish up some udder trails we has already started.


  1. Looks like u had a nice walky today! Glad u did no go for really long one in dis heats n yucks!

    I staying insides today wif AC blowing n blowing.

  2. Human2 saws a doggy swimming in creek dis weekend n thought of u n ur walkies!

    Human2 waves paw n says hi!

  3. Hmm...someone should totally open a Frosty Paws in that park! I bet they would make a killing!!