Monday, August 17, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter $4 Off Coupon

I wanted to pass this koopon along to my kitteh fwends. We use World's Best Cat Litter for our kittehs. It clumps nicely, it donnot gives our kittehs cement booties like udder clumping litter does, it does not has icky dusts for the kittehs (and mom when she is scooping) to breef in, and it does not hurted our environment. And if you is so inklined (and mebbe not has a lot of kittehs in your house), you can flushes the kitteh clumpies down the hooman litter box. So clickie on the pic below to get your $4 off koopon that you can gets only between August 19 and August 29!


  1. fank u...i gonna haz da humanz look into dis!

  2. Your hooman's like this litter for the kitties? The one I use for PimpTheCat and Moo is soooo dusty, but I like that it flushes down the human litter box. If this one is less dusty, that would be great!