Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paulinskill Valley Trail (Swartswood, NJ to Warbasse Junction, NJ)

Today we did our final full section (#4 on the map) of the Paulinskill Valley Trail, 12.5 miles total (6.25 miles each way). There is only 1 1/2 miles lefted to do but we has to combine that wif part of the Sussex Branch Trail to makes it long enuf for us.

We was a little worried on the way there coz it was very foggy after the rains from tropical storm Danny had passed throo yesterday.

But once we got started on our hikings, the sunbeams camed out and maded the fogs go away. (But not until after mom was hasing a really bad hair day - yikes.)

This is the old railroad mile markers wot we passed wot says how far to Jersey City:

Here I is up hi on a giant rock:

And hasing a good time:

I has a sekrit to shares wif you. Does you noes where they hides the chilluns' yello skule busses in the summer? I found the hidey spot. There was a gabillion yello skule busses in the woods!

Here we is where the Paulinskill Trail and the Sussex Branch Trail crosses over each udder. I is sitting rite there! (We is working on doing the whole Sussex Branch trail, too, so we will come by here again sumtime.)

Mom ordered me the kewlest water cup from I dinnot really like the udder thing we was using for waters but I like this and I dranked lots from it. When I is done, it goes flat like magic and slides rite into mom's fanny pack. We gotted the little 1 cup size coz I just needed it for quick drinks and it needed to be small to carry wif us. It is perfekt.

There was no waters for me to do swimmings in this time but we did find a really kewl waterfalls.

This is litter wot I founded on the trail and picked up in my poop bag. Not only did I picks it up, I tooked it home and putted it in our resikling. Even tho mom always has a poop bag just in case, we has never needed to use it coz I donnot do poos anywhere udder than my own yard. I donnot litter. So we used my bag to carry the litters in. Please do not bees a litter bug and makes me has to kleen up the messes wot makes our natures ugly.


  1. We wish we could have gone with you. Looks pawsome. Loved the video of the waterfall. It was kewl and you got a good chance to cool off. We gotta get one of those cups for water. Sometimes to save weight & stuff in her pack, she uses a ziploc bag & folds it down. That was a lot of litter you helped pack out. You should have an awesome hiker award!!
    Ernie & Sasha
    PS We really like your name!!!

  2. I love the picture of the sunshine streaming through the trees!

  3. Wow! The sunshine photo is AMAZING! You look great!!

    Mom gets mad when people don't take poop bags to clean up after their dogs, so both Dunc and I have our own poop bad dispensers on our leashes. But I rarely poop our in pub-lic.

    I really like that water bowl! Ours is okay, but bulky. we may have to look into that!

  4. Those are some really pretty pictures. You pose so well too!

    Thanks for cleaning the litter. Mama hates when she sees trash in nature and daddy always picks it up to throw away.