Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paulinskill Valley Trail (Blairstown, NJ - Hainesburg, NJ)

So today we did hikings for 11 miles on the Paulinskill Valley Trail. We took lots of pics of me by signs saying how far to different towns so we putted them all on the map.

There was lots of farms there what the trail passed thru so mom tooked this pic of me next to the giant corns:

Then all of a suddens there was a clearing and lookie, a little airport with airplanes!

At the airport was a restaurant where you can grabs a bite if'n you wants some noms and they even has horsie parking! But there wasn't any horsies there.

Then on the other sides of the river we seened where peeples set up chairs and a fire pit right on the waters. I could just picture sitting there in the dark nights with the waters flowing, roasting noms on the fires...

Finally some waters I could gets into in the Paulinskill River so I could cools off my furs.

And some more waters at Lake Susquehana:

What could this be? Who has feets like this?

Not me.................................... not mom....

OMD! It's horsies! Mebbe they is going to get noms at the airport restaurant.

The horsies stopped right next to me and their moms talked to my mom. They told her I was such a good girl to sit there quietly and not spook the horsies. I really did want to sniffs them, you know, like dogs do when they says hello to each other. But mom said that is not appropriate greetings for horsies and they would kicks me into tomorrow so no sniffings. Boo. But is was the closest I has ever been to a horsie.

When we was done with the hikings and heading home, we saw a farmer's market. We hads to stop there coz the piggies had eaten the last of their lettuces for bwekfast and we needed to get more. So we buyed them farm fresh veggies.

Oh, the eggs, well mom said she is making farm fresh eggs for dinner for us dogs tonight! Wowsa!

The piggies is hasing their dinner:

We dogs is hasing our dinner as soon as it kewls off:


  1. That was quite an adventure! 11 miles! Wowee. You saw so many different things. Those nommies look really good too.

  2. Yesterdays wuz gud day for da walkies! Now it all boom boom cary n wets! Human2 haz ta walkies for 20 minutes every few hours acause of da surgery on herz leggy, but we never EVER could walks dat muches, 11 miles woo!

    You looks like you had funs in all dat wet! I not like gettins wet no sir, so dat REALLY amazes me!

    Luv to see ur adventures. Fanks u fur share wif dis here citteh kitteh.

  3. Are u on the twitter? I live with huge doggie that loks just like u and a doberman. My doggies luv me. Would luv 2 follow u I am mumsmarmie on twitter.
    Lots of love and purrs Marmalade the kitten