Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Farewell To Our Foster Piggies, Thelma and Louise

As you can see, our piggie fwends is all gone.*sniffles* But rilly, it is a happee gone. They has left for they's furever home. Their new mom adopted a hamster from us long times ago and when she founded out Thelma and Louise was needing a home, she wanted to adopts them. That was so pawsome coz we noes they is going to a grate home!

Mom packeded up their dinner noms to go:

And here they is in their travel cage. They has a rilly huge cage on wheels at their new home:

If'n you dinnot noes the stories of Thelma and Louise, or if'n you would likes to revisit their time here wif me, I gives you the linkies coz you has to noes where they commed from to appreshiate where they is going.

Thelma and Louise dumped at shelter in the middles of the dark nights.

Cleaning out the piggie cage wif the piggies in it!

Thelma and Louise star in my produkshun of "G-Force"

Thelma and Louise wonned People Pets cutest Twitter pic! (click on the "next" button - they be the second ones)

Thelma and Louise on

Holy smokes, the gurls hads a wild and crazee time while they was here! We hopes they enjoyed it coz we sure did enjoy hasing them wif us!

Update from Thelma and Louise's mom on 8/7/09:
Just wanted to let you know that the guinea pigs have settled in nicely. They are very hungry and very loud! And also very sweet and well-behaved. My cats ignore them completely. Thanks again!


  1. I iz so glad fur da piggies to be off to der furever home! Dey wuz lucky piggies to haz u az foster family!

  2. Fanks, Boris. It's not the same as a furever home here but definitely way better than the icky stinky shelter! Mom's rules are we no takes in more fosters than we can properly cares for or we not helpin nobody and we holds back some privileges coz we wants them to see they has it even better when they gets their furever homes.

  3. Oh. I will miss hearing about those piggies, but I'm glad they found a forever home.

  4. It was so good of you to give Thelma and Louise a good home while they waited to find a forever one. They were very cute, and it looks like they had a good little vacation at your house!