Sunday, August 23, 2009

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ (New Brunswick - South Bound Brook)

Today we did the hiking wot is in lite bloo on the map for a total of 11 miles. (The udder colors is wot we has already done.)

We hasn't been to the D&R Canal State Park in a while but we figured we had better stay as close as possible to home today. It looked like rains when we left and the peeples said we was supposed to has this kind of wevver:

But we was luckee and only had a few drops of rains. Not like I cared coz I planned on doing swimming and getting my furs wet anyways.

So when we gotted to the hikings, we first had to go over a bridge from where we parked the car. It was a very old bridge, or well, it used to be. The sign sayed it was builded in 1895 but then it broked and the peeples could not fix it no mores so with the old parts they builded the new bridge in 1991/1992.

Here I is going over the bridge. Hai!

We didn't see mile markings on the D&R Canal towpath afore, but this time we seened some. We think it is how many miles to the end of the canal towpath in Trenton and coming back the other way the number was different coz it was how many miles left to the other end where we started. Mile number 38 wif 6 on the other side is missing :(. We looked all over and could not find it. Mebbe they needed to use it to build that bridge.

Mom and I was very sad to see so much litter and grafitti on this part of the trail. Why does bad peeples has to do that?

But there was still some pritty parts.

The Raritan River:

Jogging along wif some joggers:

Crossing the spillway:


A big heron that we sawed, and we don't see many of them in these parts:

And here is just some pritty pictures my mom tooked of stuff we sawed playing around wif the camera:


  1. I love reading about your adventures and looking at your pictures.



  2. Wow, Shawnee, looks like you had a great time! You mom took some beautiful pictures. Glad you got to get a swim in! :)

  3. You always have such great pictures and adventures.

  4. What a great romp! Thanks for taking us along for the tour. :)

  5. The weather peoples never know what they're talking about. Glad you went on your hike anyway! Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. wow u did see sum sites on dis here walkie! my human2 sawed one of den great big ole birdies taday on da way to werk. It flyed ober herz card headin toward jersey dis morning. maybe it were ur big birdie? wot u fink?

  7. We just ♥ to come here to look at alla' you's purr-ty photos!

  8. We saw you on Anna the GSD's blog. Thought we'd visit. We'd like to come by again. Hope you stop by & visit us sometime. Great pics, hiking, we were also rescued and have lots ofb cool adventures with our humans. You are lucky too!!!!
    Wags & wiggles
    Ernie & Sasha

  9. The mile markers you saw were from the railroad that ran alongside the canal in later years. On the main canal along the Delaware, one set of numbers is from Trenton, and the other is from, I believe Phillipsburg. On the branch to New Brunswick, the distances are to/from Trenton and New Brunswick.