Monday, July 6, 2009

Can My Kittehs Please Be In The Duckie Club?

Firstly, I would like to thank @BorisKitty for gifting a Kong duckie to my kittehs so they can be in the Duckie Club. Or can they be in the Duckie Club? I think we will needs to vote on this.

Let me introduce my kittehs. They is all unadoptable kittehs because they no likes hoomans so they has the whole basement all to themselves where they is not bothered.

Claude - Claude is the black kitteh. He is 11 years old. Some mean hooman cutted his paw off when he was a kitten so he is handikapped and no likes hoomans. He lived at a shelter for 1 year and they was going to puts him to sleep 'cause nobody wanted him so we tooked him. Claude has been with us for 10 years.

Odessa - Odessa is the calico kitteh. Odessa used to live with a feral colony and was found birfing kittens next to the feral food bowl. We was going to spay her after the kittens got adopted and turn her back loose with the colony but Odessa said no, her would likes to live here in our house and be an indoor feral. She was in luvs with Claude. Odessa is 8 years old and has been with us for 6 years.

Nugget - Nugget is the orange kitteh. She is 7 years old and has been here 6 years. Nugget was in a tiny cage in the shelter for 3 months. Her peeples tooked her there because they said Nugget was mean. Nobody would adopt a kitteh when the shelter cage tag says they is mean! But Nugget is not mean at all. We has never even heard her say HISS. We think the chilluns in the family was mean to her and she had to lash out to protekt herselfs. No mean chilluns in this house so Nugget is happy here.

OK, now, on with Duckie Club bizness. You decides if this qualifies for Duckie Club membership. Keep in mind that we never see these kittehs playing but we think we has prufe.

9:00 pm

9:20 pm

9:45 pm

11:00 pm

7:00 am the next morning:

We think the kittehs would like to name their duckie "Turbo".


  1. I really liked the story of your kitties. They all sound very nice to me. You are a very nice purrson to have them all live with you. I'm sure they love being there too. I voted to let them be in the duckie club!

  2. I fink da evidences speaks fur it selfs! Dem kitties be play wif dat duckie etter dat or dat duckie be haunted and I no sended a re-possessed duckie to youz sweet kitties. You iz ma furend and I would notz ever want none evil spiritz to haunt youz houz an move da duckie round on it own!!! I send over exorcistz to fix dis ASAKP (az soon az kitteh possible)!

  3. Oh, yeah, they're playin' all right! We find toys scattered all over the downstairs when we gets up in the mornin'. Those kitties are sneaky :)