Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park (Lambertsville - Titusville)

We decided to shake it up a little today and skip on over to the other sides of New Jersey to do another 10 miles hikings on the Delaware River side (pink on pic). We already hiked the red and green parts.

So on the ways there, a deer crossed the road and she stopped to let us take hers pikture. Can you sees the deer?

So then we gots to the hikings and I sees the Delaware River but I could never touch it cause we was never close enough. It was very steep downhills to get there and we would has fallen and go boom.

But I did see lots of fwends in the canal. Here is Mr. Swan, Mrs. Swan and Junior Swan.

Then a whole gaggle of gooses.

And then, kawabanga, the biggestest turtle I has ever seen! He must has been 2 feet long, for real! (He's about in the middle if you can't sees him but that was clear across the canal so you knows he has to be gargantuous!

Then we met this dog. Now we was so busy talking with hims mom and dad that we forgotted to ask his names. He is 14 years old and has really bad arthritis so he cannot do hikings. He gets akoopunkture and it halps lots. He also has a pot-bellied piggie bro with arthritis! But his mom and dad takes him in the bisikle wagon thingie and he has so much funs! I sure hope he gets to do that for a long times still!

We gots to Titusville and walked around the historik town a bit before heading back.

I also did somefing else that was really funs. I perfoomed myself with this loverly aromatik poshun. Pwoblem is, every time I does this my mom messes it all up as soon as we gets home.

Now I reeks of razzberries. Blech.


  1. OMD I see the deer! *jumps up & down*
    Nice swan family. That turtle is big!
    I wonder if mom would get a wagon for me if I get arthritis...
    eeek...raspberry? but you're a girl so I guess that's not that bad...
    Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

  2. great blog title!! I think I likes yer blog already! will be reading ya!!

  3. OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DID NOT roll in that stuff!!! hahahaha hehehe ahahah .... how much did the humans yell!! hehe...i DO LIKE the preferred travel mode!! Mommy says she likes that way too! looks like ou had a great time :O)

  4. Dat wuz quite da adventures! All dat wildlifes not to menshuns da animals you meeted along da way too!

    You are such da dawg rollin in da stink.

  5. Dude that some pawsome yucky stuff!!! Cools! You go! Loved that pawsome carriage for the senior pup, that cools!