Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fame But No Fortune :(

I was famous not just once, but dubble times today! Both times I was tweeted by @PEOPLEPets and that must be a big deal coz they has over 402,000 followers! Yikes!

First I was quoted by People Pets in their artikal about the #pawpawty: (click on the pic of the tweet to go to the artikal)

Then they was asking for cute pics so I submitted the pic of my foster piggie sisfurs and they wonned for the day! I don't thinks they wonned nuffin, just the glory of having wonned. (Click on the pic below to see the pic of them that I submitted.)

And it was featured on their web site along with the pic of our pal @BorisKitty coz he wonned too!
People Pets This Week's Cutest Twitter Pics

Mom entered a contest over at @DunkinDonuts to win a $25 gift card and her dinnot wins. Mebbe if I dranked coffees I would has wonned it seein' as I was on a roll today.


  1. OMC! You were definitely on a rolls! MOL hehe dat is purrty pawsome Shawnee, I luvs da #pawpawty's

  2. Fame is on the way... Don't forget us little people when you get famous! ;)

  3. It about time starts recognizing ma cool furends!!!

    Dat iz sweet. Dunt it makes ya feels all warm n tingly when dey mention you on dey big celeb site!?

    It made me feels az impotent az Paris Hiltons chiwowow!

  4. Now I have two friends who have been on!! Wowee!