Monday, July 20, 2009

Piggie Cage Cleaning and First Skritches!

Today was piggie cage cleaning day. They has a big space to live in so mom spot cleans every day but once a week she is going to has to clean the whole thing out. How to do that when the piggies is skeered of mom? Mom comed up with a plan. She putted their fave lettuces in a kitteh carrier to lure them in:

Mom taked out the castle and tiki hut and putted the carrier in. Thelma sayed "I don't think so."

Louise agreed:

Plan failed. However, when mom tried to gently push them in (which did not werk) the girls letted her pet them for the first time! (Guess that was better than going in a carrier and I think you kittehs would agree.)

And Louise even liked when mom gived her skritches. But the girls still not want mom to picks them up. That's OK. Pettings and skritches are a very good start. Picking up will comes later.

OK, so nuff playin' around. Back to werk. Mom just had to leave Thelma and Louise there and clean around them. She scooped everything out with a dustpan, sucked the rest up with the Dyson hose (the piggies did not freak over that - brave piggies) and wiped it out clean:

Then put in new floofy stuffs:

And put all their other stuffs and noms back:

And because they was so good about their cage cleanings, they gotted strawberries for treats!

And just another cute nomming pic from the other day when they was introduced to waspberries.


  1. They are so cute! I love their hut!! heheh..looks like fun!

  2. Oh, I'm sure they love their nice clean area. I love the hut too.

  3. They look like fun frends Shawnee

  4. Wow pettin's n scratchin's for da piggies. Dey iz getting braver. I can no believes dey were no afraid of dat scary sucker-upper! I a big ole kitteh n I iz scared by the sucker-upper!

    I gonna go hugs piggy wiggy now cause I iz so happy for your piggies!