Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three New July Gotcha Days!

I has noticed that July is already a bizzy month for Gotcha Day celebrashuns and mine is on 7/11 but before that happens, I has to adds three more. If you has been my Twitter fwend for the past couple of months and/or has read my bloggies, then you knows about the foster fwends what has been living with us while waiting for furever homes. They is a big parts of my life so I makes frekwent menshuns of them.

Pumpkin - 4-5 Year Old Schnoodle - Adopted July 4, 2009!!!

That is Pumpkin with her new mommy and daddy. Pumpkin was a stray at the shelter but she had a rabies tag on. When the shelter called her hoomans, they said they no want Pumpkin no more cause the fence be brokened and they not want to pay to fix it. Skooze me?!?!?! What. Ev. Er. So we taked Pumpkin out of the shelter to foster with us and found out her bladder was full of owie stones. Our V-E-T did operashuns on her and made her all better. This is what Pumpkin's daddy writed to us a couple days after the adopshun:
"Things are working out very well. Pumpkin is the most personable, people-friendly dog I think I have ever met and that seems to be the consensus among everyone we have introduced her to. I just can't imagine why anyone would abandon her and not want her back. It is unfathomable."
Casey - 2 1/2 Year Old Domestic Longhair - Adopted July 4, 2009!!!

Casey was fostered here when he was a teeny baby and mom had to gives him the bottle. He was adopted and then 2 1/2 years later the peeples returned him when they was gettings divorced. So when you gets divorced you cannot has a kitteh? Casey had been adopted about a month ago but was returned the next day cause the laydee did not listen to mom about keeping Casey separated from her other kitteh to let them meet slowly. She put the kittehs together rite away and her other kitteh majorly freaked out and poo'd all over her house! So then Casey's for real new mom and dad came and adopted him and this is what they writed:
"Casey is settling in REALLY well. We set him up in his own room with baby gates in the doorway so the cats could all see through it. There was a little hissing the first day or two. Then they were sniffing each other through the gate. We have been letting Casey out for a couple of hours at a time and he is getting along SO well with our other male cat. They have been sniffing each other and licking each others faces. I am shocked at how well it is going."
Jack (aka Bad Jack) - 1 1/2 years old - Poodle - Adopted July 9, 2009!!!

Somebody at adopshun day last week said Jack reminded them of the Hamburglar - ya think? Jack has kwite the thievin' history. He stoled my toys and unstuffted them so all my gud toys has been puts away while Jack has lived here, he tried to swipe my #pawpawty pwizes, he stoled @SylvieDog's spinach from her garden, he was admitted to The Duckie Club with MY duckie that he tooked... I could goes on and on. But like the boy said, "Jack is not a bad dog, Jack just makes bad choices." We did has lots of laffs at Jack's expense and he was such a gud sport about it.

So Jack's story is that his mean dad putted him in the shelter cause Jack was making hisself bloodly with pulling his furs out from really bad itchies. His dad no wanted to spend any more monies at the V-E-T to fix Jack. Turns out Jack had mange mities and the itchy was so bad that he pulled his furs out and mades hisself a nekkid bloody mess. We tooked Jack to our house and killed all the mities on him with "Revolution" meddies that we all hads to has too so we not gets the itchy mities cause they is very kontagus. When Jack's furs growed back in where he was nekkid they growed in straight and dark instead of light and kurly cause his skins was damaged. Mom always said Jack luked like a marble pound cake. So one day Jack's mean old dad founded him on and emailed my mom to tells her he wanted Jack back now that he be healed. Mom hads werds with him in the emails and then the animal cops went and told that man to leave mom alone. He be a bad, bad dawg dad and he not getting Jack back no way, no how! Jack's new forever mom and dad used to has a thievin' poodle for over 15 years so Jack be right up their alley! So, ta da! Here is Jack with his new mommy and daddy.

And I is adding in on July 12 the update Jack's mommy and daddy sented me:
"Well, it has been 3 days and Jack is absolutely wonderful! We have taken him to see friends of ours and they are amazed at how well he adjusted to his new family. You were right, he does like to put anything in his mouth and it's a little hard to get him to release it, but we are working on that and so far nothing has gone down the hatch! Today he started ignoring apples and poops that he found along the sidewalk during our walks. He's a real doll!"
Gud luck Pumpkin, Casey and Jack! I will miss all of you and hope you has many Gotcha Day celebrashuns to come! And now that Jack has left the bilding, I has my toys back...


  1. Oh I'm so happy for Pumpkin, Casey and Jack!!!
    I'm gonna miss to see them here though, especially Jack. *woof*
    Those bad humans in the story....arrrrgggghhh.
    Mama wants to put bitey on them since I don't bite.
    Sending *nosekissess* to the good humans who adopted them :o)

  2. AWWWW i am sooo happy for Jack!! now he will have his OWN mommy and daddy and TOYS to DEstuff!! and he WONT have to steal anymore cookies!

  3. I iz so happy you gots your toyses back. Look at you nomming on your gotcha day cake! Yay for Jack but double Yay for U!

  4. So happy the dogs and cats got addopted! love them all, so sweet! wish that all cats and dogs could have such lovely homes.... ahh, sigh.
    thanks for sharing!