Sunday, July 5, 2009

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ (Kingston - Griggstown)

The last time we walked at the D&R Canal State Park it was from Princeton to Kingston (red) and back. Today we walked from Kingston to Griggstown (green) and back, another 5 miles each way. The whole park is 65 miles so it is gonna takes us a while to do the whole thing.

We almost dinnot go today. Mom had a broken back yesterday and it was not much better today. She dinnot knows if she could do the hikings. So I said, "Mom, if you falls down and cannot gets up, I will go for 911 halp like The Littlest Hobo" (Thank you @SerenaTheCat for telling me about The Littlest Hobo - came in handy for my beggings with mom!) So mom said fine, it was too beeootiful of a day to waste being insides, so off we wented.

Oh, look who we saw! My turtle fwend and his whole families werking on their tans on the logs in the waters. Mama turtle, papa turtle, the kids, grammie and grampie, aunties and unkels, all enjoying the beeootiful sunbeams.

Then we gots to Griggstown and saw sad posters on the park sign. Two missing kittehs and a missing doggie. We keeped our eyes peeled for them but we dinnot sees them.

Then I made a new fwend. His name is Jake and he is 9 years old, 1 year older than me. He was not the missing doggie cause he was with his dad. His dad and my mom talked for a few minutes while we played.

Then I had to say bye to Jake so we could move on. BYE JAKE!!!!!!!

At the end we gots to the tunnel we hads to go thru under traffics to gets back to our car. It was not the "Tunnel of Love" oh no, it was a skeery dark tunnel and we could hear the cars over top of us. But mom and I was brave and we made it thru the tunnel.

We had funs and I might has to halp mom to the kiroprakter tomorrow but it was werth it.


  1. What a beautiful jaunt you had. I sure your mom doesn't have to go to the kiropraker!

  2. Dat looked like a funz walkie fur da dawgs. purrsonally I purrfers to stays in ma own yard so I can go back insides and catch up on ma napping.