Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping at the Animal Shelter

I gots to go to the animal shelter today to helps mom pick out new fosters. Mom likes to get my opinion coz if I gives the paw up, the doggie will get along with my sisfurs. If I don't gives the paw up, forget about it!

But first things first. There was this kitteh at the shelter that they named Ace. A laydee had founded him in the Home Depot parking lot and broughted him to the shelter. Another rescue group tooked him but because he is a black kitteh and was not adopted fast enough, they broughted him back to the shelter. Can you believes that? What kind of rescue group is that? Ace is the sweetest boy so mom asked one of our volunteers if she would foster him and she said yes. And if'n he never gets adopted, the volunteer will keep him herself. But she prefers he gets adopted so she can save another kitteh.

Ace in the shelter all sad coz he had been in a foster home for 2 months before he was returned to the tiny cage:

Then Ace comed out of hims cage like he cannot believes he is getting out for real:

And into his carrier where I had to sit next to him to see how he feels about doggies. (My mom makes me werk so hard...)

Ace was not skeered of me at all and sayed "Hey, Shawnee! Thanks for getting me out of the shelter!"

@buckypg will be happy to know that Ace's foster mom reports Ace is sitting on the bar in her basement waiting for Happy Hour to begin. Could be distant kin...

Then mom broughted out the doggie what the shelter wanted us to look at. He had been picked up running loose on the street and nobody ever camed looking for him at the shelter.

I checked hims out and gived him the paws up:

We taked him home and gived him a bath to get the shelter cooties off of him (sorry little dood, but it a non-negoshable rekwirement)

Mom says he has a bad ear infections that has been untreated for a very very long time coz his skin has thickened and it is so owie he say "No touchin my owie ears" to mom.

We has the meds and cleaning stuff here but it is way too owie so we want the V-E-T (sorry little dood) to look at it next week before we does anything. His ears has been like that for a very long time so a few more days won't matter.

He is all clean now and we has named him Calvin. So meet my new foster bro Calvin, who had better not try do the humpty dumpty with me or my sisses again or we is gonna has to tune him up. We is not that kinda gurls. Emergency nooter already scheduled for Aug 3 :0)


  1. Wow Shawnee you work so hard. poor Calvin...his ear looks so owie...hope the vet make it all better next week.
    I wish I had a kittie brother like Ace...

  2. You guys is da bestest! Human2 always had black kittehs until us and herz never understoods why so many peoples not like dem! Ace lucky to find u guys ta halp him wif new foster humanz! And dat poor Calvin him so cute. We hopes hiz ears gets less owie so you can gives him scratchies! Gud lucks to you n your new foster brofur!

  3. ps...human2 said if herz ever gots a dog it would be a min pin.