Thursday, July 16, 2009

My New Foster Fwends - The Piggie Sisfurs!

The animal control officer at the shelter called my mom on the phone today. A man had told him he hads two piggie sisfurs he could no longer takes care of and wanted to bring them to the shelter. The officer told him no, he cannot do that coz the shelter not able to handle piggies, just kittehs and doggies. So the next morning the shelter peeples camed to werk to find somebody had lefted piggies at the shelter in the dark middles of the nite. (see the cage to the left sides of the buildings)

The officer founded out who the mean man was and told him if'n he dunnot comes and gets the piggies he was going to be in big troubles with the law for abandoning animals. The man said then fine, he would dump the piggies loose in the park. Oh noes! What to do? So this is why the officer called my mom and mom went to get the piggies on her lunch hour. The officer pwomised my mom the man was going to get tickets and be in troubles. This is what the note said on top of their cage (a cage that was way too small for 2 piggies, had no fuds in it and green slimy water in the bottle...)
"Please take care of these sisters, Dragon and Sleeping Beauty! We gave them lots of love but can't care for them any longer. They are about 1 1/2 years old and have never been apart. Sorry for doing this... but thank you."
We no like their names. We is thinking maybe Thelma and Louise coz of the adventures they is hasing.

So on the way home mom stopped at the Pet Valu store where we has adoption days and left the A/C running in the car for the piggies while she buyed them new piggie akootrements. (Check out that tiki hut - it is totally pawsome and the piggies ♥ it!)

Then mom camed home and dragged my old pool out of the garage and scrubbed it up all nice and clean. She puts a doggie exercise pen arounds it (to keep us doggies out, not in) and ta da, a BIG piggie house! She putted the piggies in with their old yukkie cage so they could comes out on their owns when they feels like it. They was very skeered and stressed out over their adventures.

I got to meet them briefly but mom said just for a minute today coz they need to feel safe and comfy in their new digs first.

Mom putted some lettuces and spinaches in for them and they nommed that so fast we cud not even gets a pikture. They had big hungers. It was organik veggies so those must has been really gud to nom on. Then mom putted two gwapes in there. We cannot gives them too much new stuffs rite away cause it mite makes them sickie so we has to werk new fwoots and veggies in slowly. We dunno if they has ever had these fuds before. So here is what the piggies sayed about their gwapes:

"Ohhhhhh. I see something nommy. Must check it out..."

"Hey sis, where did you gets that to nom on? I wants one too!"

"Oh, I founds mine and it is mine, all mine, you goes away so I can nom it. You cannot has it and I means it SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEK - CHURBLE CHURBLE - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEK..."

They hads a little skirmish over the gwape so we is going to has to be sure they nom on gwapes at the same time in the future!

We think the piggie sisfurs is going to likes it here until they finds a new home. They has a bigger cage than they ever had before and gud noms. And for the bad peeples that did not cares rite for these piggies and lefted them at the shelter in the middles of the nights "May the fleas of 1,000,000 piggies infest your armpits."


  1. Poor little piggies were probably so hungry. I'm glad they didn't give them back to the mean man. Your mommy sure is nice to take them in and give the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

  2. Oo ur piggies iz so cute! Ur mom iz gonna spoilt dem! So glad to see dem looking so happy in their new surroundings.

    U keeps sydneys away from dem okai? Did I tell u I gots a piggy wiggy too? Mines iz not real though. Not like urs.

  3. Awwwww, dat are so CUTE! I so sorry dat dey were not taken cares of well at all, dat such a mean man to do dat to em. But dey looks much betters off wif you guys until dey gets a wonderfur furever home. Purrrrrrrrrs and many nosetaps to your momma!