Monday, July 20, 2009

The Columbia Trail (Morris County Line to Long Branch, NJ)

Lesson of the day: Always has a Plan B. We was going to do hikings on the Columbia Trail today starting in High Bridge, NJ. Mom had taken a vakashun day from werks coz her was too bizzy to take me hiking over the weekend. So we drived an hour out to High Bridge and started the hikings.

We heared some noises in the woods and when we looked, we saw lots of tents for campers (see the blue tents in the woods?). We thinks mebbe the boy scouts was having a summer camp. What funs!

Then, after just 1 mile of hikings...

♫ DUM DA ♪ DUM DUM ♫...

What to do? A man tolded us the trail had washed out in heavy rains and was brokened. We cannot hikes on it until it gets fixed. Luckily, mom had printed out other stuff about the Columbia trail and when we gotted back to the car, she found directions to parking farther up the other end of the trail. Yay! We hads a Plan B! So off we drove. (See me in the car waving?)

So we gots to the other parkings which was right on the Hunterdon County and Morris County line. We decided to head into Morris County and do that part.

We crossed a bridge over waters.

When we looked down in the waters from up high on the bridge, we saw fishies! I circled them for you so you can sees them better!

Then we saw evidences of horsies having hiked there. Why does peeples has to pick up after doggies but not after horsies? Guess they would needs to carry large Hefty garbage bags. Anywho, mom was very relieved to know that I did not consider horsie poo to be perfoom-worthy.

We went through a tree farm where they was growing Christmas trees and trees for peeples houses. So that is where they comes from!

Then we saw a graveyard for old cars - RIP. What they was doing out there is anyone's guess but mom said sum of those cars is older than she is. Wow! That must be really old!

We found a spot where I could cool off a bit.

And then we headed back to the car. With the 2 miles from Plan A and the 8 miles from Plan B, we got our 10 miles done!


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  2. I cannot believes I is getting spam on my bloggie now. All spammers should has the bitey put on them!

  3. Spam Spam Spam....I bludy hates SPAM!

    O I slipped into Monty Python for a minutes.

    I not know how I missed this fun hikes. I liked da dead cars. wot neat stuffs you sees on you hikings. Sometime you will haz to come here n drag Human2 on an adventure. Hers iz posta be walkie round fur da health! But I stay put here on my window sill n watch da birdies. Acause dat wot we kittehs do bestest!