Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hell Hole, Bridges, Anthony's Nose....

Bet you wonner wot I woz up to today with a title like that?   We woz at Bear Mountain State Park fur hiking but not fur the museums, zoo, merry-goes-around and all that udder stuffs.  Well, fur one, I is not allowed there being a dog and all.  Nope, we went hiking up to the Popolopen Torne, then down to Hell Hole wot also be knowed as Popolopen Gorge where Popolopen Creek runs through (see there be too many Popolopens so we go with Hell Hole) then over Bear Mountain Bridge then up Anthony's Nose....  OK, I think I lost you all.  You will has to follow along.

So furst off we climbed up Popolopen Torne. Thank dogness mom's new hiking shoes commed the udder day coz she needed them fur this hike.  She got Vasque Scree shoes with STEALTH rubber soles!  They be speshull fur slickery rawk climbing.
Common Spideywoman, show us how those new shoes werk.
Holy smokes, mom climbed rite up that skeery steep rawk like she had sucshun cups on her feets, even better then my paws if'n you can beleef that!

So we get to the top and OMD, there be that cloud hanging ofur the mountain again just like in Furginia.
We could see nuttin where the seeniks be in the East.  No worries, we climbed this mountain again at the end of the hike when the cloud woz gone and I gonna show you those seeniks now cuz you has to see were we be going soon.  In a bit we is going to be walking across the Hudson River on that Bear Mountain Bridge and climbing up Anthony's Nose. (But in this pikshure we had alreddy been there.)
So now, you mite be wonnering why that mountain be called Anthony's Nose.  Well, it is supposed to look like this Cyranac dude's snooter, ya think?
This be wot Wikipedia say about it:
"Pierre Van Cortlandt, who owned this mountain, said it was named for a pre-Revolutionary War sea captain, Anthony Hogan. This captain was reputed to have a Cyrano de Bergerac type nose. One of his mates, looking at this mount, as they sailed by it, compared it to that of the captain's nose. He said that they looked similar in size. This good-natured joke soon spread, and the name Anthony's Nose stuck to this peak."
I just didn't want you all to think I woz really climbing up a nose.

The udder side, to the West, there we woz above the clouds so we could see stuffs. Sorta.
We is above the cloud.
Oh my dog, wot be this?
It do be a memorial fur soldiers. I biggify the signs fur you so you can read about it.

 Now, onward and downward to.....Hell Hole!
You has to hear the water to fully appreciate why this be called Hell Hole - it be CRAZEE LOWD and that water be CRASHING and I woz not allowed in it coz mom say I get smashed to pieces.

So after walking along the gorge to where the Popolopen Creek comes out in the Hudson River, we headed fur the Bear Mountain Bridge.  Did you efur wonner how that Appalachian Trail gets across the rivers and stuffs?  Well I found out how! It goes rite ofur the Hudson River on the Bear Mountain Bridge that we be crossing ofur on and the Appalachian Trail goes part of the way up Anthony's Nose, too!  This sign be rite at the toll booths coz cars has to stop and pay green papers to cross the bridge but us pawdestrians duss not has to pay.
When the bridge woz opened in 1924
Peeps wot builded the bridge in the olden days.
Seenik from on the bridge.
So we gotted ofur to the udder side and climbed up Anthony's Nose.  Up at the top we could see where we commed from!
Hasing some noms on Anthony's Nose
Then we headed back down to cross back ofur the Bear Mountain Bridge.
Going back the udder way...
Checking out the seeniks again.
Then after we got ofur the bridge, OMD, I runned into some kin and we had a little fambly reunion.  Hey sistahs!
They woz both adopted, the one on the left from a rescue group and the one in the middull next to me the peeples just adopted a week ago. Her doodyhed dad, wot did not even send any luggages with her, did not want her any mores and woz going to put her in the shelter.  Her new fambly taked her afore he could do that.  We had a blast visiting while our peeples did yak, yak, yak, yak...

Then we hiked around this lake on our way back to the car:
Duss you see all those geesers? They woz not happy with me being there and I biggify to show you why:
Little baby geesers!  AWWWWWW!  We had to hurry up and take the pikshure and move it along coz mom and dad was hasing a conipshun.  No worries, I not hurt the babies!

So when we got back to the car, mom snarfed down her Starbucks Frappuccino and I had some cold water from the kewler and once we woz reenergized, we climbed that Popolopen Torne again fur the seeniks wot I alreddy showed you.  I needs a big nap now.


  1. That was a really impressive hike, Shawnee! I think those guys that thought that mountain looked like nose were pretty silly. I'd hate to think you were climbing a nose--what if it sneezed?

  2. Wow that wuz kewl Shawnee. I like teh name hellhole an it wuz skardy lowd. Teh pikshure of you abuv teh clowds iz mai favrite, you look so pritty. Thanks you for sharin your avenchure!

  3. What a great hike mate! And meeting furiends while woo are out is always nice:)


  4. Miss Shawnee
    I wonder did that Anthony's nose sneeze and that's what the cloud coverage was? Hell's hole sounded crazy cool... I love fast water and my momma gets all worried too. Hey I bet those old dudes couldda used your momma's suction toes to build the bridge. Furry funballs walkies and meeting up with your sistah packballs.

  5. Mom says all she khan think about is

    The bear went ovFUR the mountain
    The bear went ovFUR the mountain

    Woo know the rest!

    What a great day!


  6. Miss Shawnee! what a fabulous hike you and your momma had!! It looked like you hiked about 5 miles!! We love seeing those big rivers. So. Cal isn't really known for it's rivers!! The furiends you met were bootiful. Thanks fur sharing your hike with us.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  7. Oh, Shawnee! What a fantabulous adventure! I was hoping we'd get to go hiking today, but Mom and Dad were busy getting ready for everybody to come over next weekend, and I was sick all day. I am living through you right now!

    Did you think about having geezer stew for even a minute?


  8. Shawnee, we love coming along on your hikes with you, you are so lucky. Your human must be one fit person to get up all those rocks! The photo's are great as usual, how lovely to meet some new friends too and have a run around, always makes for a perfect day doesn't it? Dex & Lou x

  9. Shawnee, I like your nose better then Anthony's.

    That was so cool that you ran into other German Sheppies. I'm glad they were adopted and have a good home.

    Beautiful pictures and I loved seeing the babies.

    Love, Cupcake

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you... what a wonderful guided tour. You're the best.

    pawhugs, Max

    Pee Ess... glad you didn't go in the water. That did look dangerous.

  11. Shawnee this was a gorgeous walkie. I think my favorite pic is the one where the cloud is behind you.. it looks like stuffie guts floating in the sky!!

    NeatOOO.. you got to meet some of your nearly cussins. That is good that the new one got adopted really quick like.

    Supurb walkie!!! As ALWAYS.

  12. I would LOVE to go on such a walk! Looks like you had such an awesome time. Did you have to stop and rest lots?

    Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,


  13. What an AMAZING walk! You were making me all kinds of nervous on those rocks, bridge, and ABOVE the clouds! But I know you are a professional and would handle it all in style!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Your Mom is really awesome, Shawnee, taking you on all these different hikes. So very interesting for us to tag along with you even if we think it would be more fun to do it in the furson with you:)

    Glad you got that pic of the geese family without them getting too mad at you.

    So where will we go next week?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. I fink that mite be on of your bestest hikes Shawnee. It sure did look pretty and greens so mebbe you has had sum spring rains. You must be tired from climbin up them big hills.

  16. Sounds like a long hike! I hope you got lots of POWER BONES!

    We've got baby geese at the pond by our place. Mom & I saw FIVE FAMILIES of geeses the other night!

  17. Think we need a nap after reading this! That was a looong hike! And really beautiful scenicals! Makes us want to steal the peeps keys and take off for a hike right now! That river is really fast and loud. Even Cooper probably wouldn't want to jump in it!

    The Road Dogs

  18. OMD...I is sooooo tired from your hike! You always do dats to me...hehehe! I feel like i has walked a million miles.

    I so loved hearing da purties sounding...maybe dat is why I is tired...hehehe.

    I don't gets peeps giving away their doggies fur no reason. They makes my head goes KABOOM!


  19. How many miles was that hike? I liked the big bridge. I love crossing bridges and sticking my nose through the slats on the guard rails. It would have taken Mommy and me a good half hour to get across one with so many slats!

  20. GRRR--blogger keeps kicking me out! That was a busy hike with lots of seeniks! I love running into other pet parents and hearing their stories. Every pup's story is unique.

  21. Wow, to Hell and back and all up someone's nose! What a hike!! I'm very impressed!! But no bears? That's probably good though! But if there were bears on the nose mountain, would that make them Booger Bears? :)

  22. That's where all our geese go in the summer! If you miss them in winter they're over here in Wales. You were so brave going over that scary big bridge and I'm sooo glad you didn't get sneezed off the nose! Finn

  23. Yay! We got your comments. Are we set up like Puddles is talking about? We don't even know how we're set up, but we can try to change it if that will help. And for some reason now stoopid Blogger is saying "Server Rejected" when we try to download pics. Arrrrgggghhhh!

    The Road Dogs

  24. umm that mountain doesn't really look like that guys nose does it? What a strange story but a great hike.

    woof - Tucker