Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Rainy Day Hike

We stayed close to home today coz it woz supposed to rain (it spritzed some but did not get my furs too wet) and the boy do be in the Bahamas with hims werks so we had to get back home speedy quick to let old geezer sis Dixie out afore she had an axident cox she duss not hold it so good any mores.  (We woz suxessful - yay!) So we went back to a park we woz at almost eggzaktly 1 month ago - Allamuchy Mountain State Park - and hiked 10 miles on some different trails eggsept fur this one part where the bridge is below. Check this out - it be like a whole new park this time and this be the eggzakt same bridge!
Last month there woz no bugs but this month, OMD, woz the bugs horribulls - in my eyeballs, up my snooter, in my ears.... grrrrr.

So I has to show you something mom seened on the Eastern Mountain Sports bloggie this week:
So if'n you be worried when we sees bears and sneks and stuffs, you should not be. To prove the point, I do present a rusty old wood chipper wot I founded on the hiking trail. Hmmmm, wonner wot happened to two-legger wot woz chipping wood out here .....
.... Bear? Snek? Or contact with powahed wood chipper?

I feel safer now.  So here we passed by the opening of an old mine and that do prolly be why the trail we is on do be called the Iron Mine Trail.  It could has been rekwisishunned by a bear now but so we dussn't skew the nummers above, we shall just move it rite along.

Then we commed to the only seenik on this hike - that woz OK coz we did not want to waste lots of good seeniks on a bad wevver day.

Oh, look at the hawk high up in the air by my snooter:

So since that be all the seeniks, I figgered I would do some interpretive nature fur you.
I was here.  - THE BEAR
This just be a rilly big rawk wot we seened:

The last trail we woz on woz called the Waving Willie Trail.  You mite wonner why it be named that.  Well you see, afore my time, there woz a man wot they called Waving Willie wot used to sit in a chair by the road we commed out on and he would wave at all the cars and peeples would wave back.  He did this fur 40 years.  His story duss be here on "Weird NJ" website.  The Waving Willie Trail comes out ahind his house where he used to live and that be it ahind me:
I think it be that white house on the left coz that udder thing there do look like a shed or something.  Here be Waving Willy sitting in front of hims house waving.  Well, when he woz alive.


  1. You haz such a kyute snooter! An you iz smart to interprit all those anipals messijez too.

  2. Everything is so green and pretty.

    When I look at the picture of you with the hawk, you look so big! But when I look at you with the rock, you are so little. How do you keep changing your size?

    Love, Cupcake

  3. I am glad you explained the story of Waving Willy to us because Girl had a bit of a naughty thought and at first thought it was someone waving their, uh, willy instead of some guy named Willy who sat & waved. *shakes head*

  4. BWHahahahahah...stilling laughing at da previous comment!

    Oh, nice sceneries...even in da rain. Glad your furs didn't get too wet!

  5. Looks like a wonderful walk - so green and lush!

    I think those stats are very interesting. I suspect the number of deaths for dogs is also high as a result of obesity and heart disease. Obesity is especially common in kids. Do you know that this will be the first generation of kids who will shorter lives than their parents - most of this is related to obesity. Isn't that shocking!

    I also had no idea bees were so deadly! I would have thought alligators would have been higher on the list! BOL!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. BOL at blindmaximus' comment:) Quite the imagination there. But Waving Willy was quite the character, wasn't he?

    We did very much enjoy your interpretive nature commentary - very curious squirrel condo - were they all evicted?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. I am living through you this weekend, since Mom and Dad have so much stuff going on, and it was raining a lot here. Mom said when there's lightning, it's not the best time to be out walking past tall trees. Phooey!

    I love all those interpretive nature shots! You have a good eye to find all that stuff!


    P.S. Morgan says she doesn't know what is wrong with Shepherd smell! Although she got smelly-sprayed at Petsmart Thursday and still smells like flowers!

  8. I am so very glad that you made it home in time fur Dixie. She must be like my mom... drinking too much coffee and all.

    I loved all of this walkie...except fur the squirrel condo. that is just proof that there are WAAAAAY too many of those evil creatures!!

    PeeS... I asked my mom about why my pressie didn't come until so late... and she got all red in the face and said... "Well, Frankie it actually DID arrive on TUES. butt I didn't have time to take your pictures and stuffs until... after the garden got all planted and stuffs." Pfffffft. What a stink head SHE is. I gave her a BIG lecture and she won't be keepin stuffs from me in the future. I'm just sayin.

  9. When Mom sees your pictures, she starts missing how green it is back east compared to where we live now. But when we have a solid week of rain like we're having now, she remembers why we moved here. Having so many gray days in a row is rare here. She's missing the sun already. I can't imagine if she lived back east where it was gray so much of the time.

    I can't wait to see your next hike!

    Oh, and Mom must think like Blind Maximus's girl. She thought the same thing until you explained Waving Willie. MOL

  10. We're so glad you didn't skew those numbers and go in that cave. There's no tellin' what you'd find, especially if it was one of those bear critters. Now that would be skeery!! And if I had a condo like the one you saw, I'd evict every one of those pesky little rats.....

  11. Shawnee
    our trails do be green now like yours but those gnats and skeeters and ticks are awful. Hey how do you sneeze out a hawk from your noseballs. You are quite talented. on your scenic pic I kiss your nose too.. did you know that? Well I think I'd rather run into waving willy than a scratchy bear. Eeesch!

  12. Ello for you Shawnee. I been away for a bit and did mis your blog, partickly the ones about your hikin oliday. I catchin up now. I missed you. Smooch

  13. Aw waving Willy looks like a great bloke, bet he'd have had treats for dogs too :-) Our human knew there was a reason not to do housework or mow the lawn and she has an excuse now having read your list!! Lovely photo's of your fabulous walk as usual, Dex & Louis x

  14. What a fun and informative post, Shawnee! We can't help but think of that movie, Fargo, when we see a wood chipper.
    Your statisticals were very informative. So, what you're saying is - stupidity kills more people than wild animals. Was that the lesson here? BOL!

    The Road Dogs

  15. I thinks I was the .2 death in the tub this year. cause I got a leg ouchie gettin in it and lost a week of valuable zoomie time.

    woof - Tucker

  16. I love reading about your hikes Shawnee, you go to such interesting places. Wonder where those squirrels went, do you think they need a little help moving on again?

  17. You're so pretty, Shawnee! My mommy thinks I look a little like you. :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  18. WOW what a difference that forest looks today! It turned from a dead looking place to a lace with life & plenty of greens. Did you get to say HI to those squirrels in that condo?

  19. I don't see bunnies on that killer list, but they totally charged at my Aunt Temple! It was waaaay scarier than the mountain lion tracks they saw!

  20. What an adventure! That rock sculpture is beautiful! And the creek looks like a fun place to swim in although it does look a little too dangerous to swim in. I remember once when I got almost pulled under by a current at a waterfall I was playing in a few years back. My ball floated away in the current & tried to get it. The current pulled me along too. I slipped & was hanging onto the rocks. Luckily, there was a life saver there, He ran & quickly pulled me by the collar & saved me. He's my hero! But you know what, if I could do it again, I think I would. TEE HEE

  21. OMD...I LOVE the squirrel condos!

  22. Hmmm...interesting post. I'm very pleased to see you didn't skew the bear death numbers. Shawnee -YOU ARE the seenik :)