Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 5 Part 2

So after that skeery eggsperience ofur at Sharp Top Mountain we headed on ofur to Holliday Lake State Park and note how bootifuls the wevvers do be here.  This woz a furry loverly hike around the pritty lake.

It woz getting hawt so I got to take a dip in the lake. Usuallly I is not allowed to drink water out of lakes but the sign at the overlook sayed the water be furry clean coz there be no runoff from pesticides and chemicals and stuffs to pollute the waters so I woz allowed to drink.

Then look wot we found!
Mom, duss you see this?
It do be a pigeon with bands on hims legs, like a homing pigeon mebbe?
The silly bird leaded the way along the trail fur us afore he flied off. (Sorry if'n this makes you seasick but mom woz walking while she woz filming.)

I had to go down all these stairs but coz it woz going down, the stairs was not skeery fur me.  Fur wotefur reason, stairs going up be more skeery fur me.
The steps commed to a dam wot I had to cross ofur.
Here do be looking back that the dam and stairs:
Then at the end of the hike when we commed back around to where our car woz parked, I found frogs fur my furrend Norwood coz he rilly likes frogs.
So wot started out as a skeery, icky day, turned out to be a wonnerful bootiful day at Holliday Lake State Park!

Then there do be anudder surprise on the way back to our cabin.  Mom seened this sign and she likes to get farm eggs from chickuns that run around coz she will not get factory farmed eggs from the grocery store and there do be enuff room in the kewler to bring some home.
So while mom woz buying eggs from the laydee, I got to visit with the farm animals!
There be the chickuns wot runs around but they not be fur nomming.  The peeples sayed they woz going to make chickun stew when they woz done laying eggs but they got attached so they now has a bunch of old fogie chickuns running around.
They bringed this chickun out to meet me. His name do be Elvis.


  1. How cool! I have a feeling that if Morgan met a chicken it would become chicken stew immediately! Your whole adventure looks like so much fun!


  2. I totally LOVE your swimming video and the Pigeon Hike Leader is grrreat.

    Those GOATS are HOOOOOGE. Weren't you afraid of them? Did you want to chase the Chickens? They are really big birds.
    Pigeons and Chickens... This post is Fur the Birds.. BaaaaWaaah I made a Frankie Funny fur you.
    I would have been terrified of walking over that DAM thingy.
    You are the bravest!!!

  3. Wow - I think this was your bestest hike ever. You are so lucky to meet the goats and Elvis. WOW. Wish I were on that trip with you.

  4. The pigeon is so cute! Elvis looks more like Phylis Diller.

  5. I is so glad you didn't get losted dis time. Phew! Dis looked more like a fun hike!

  6. THAT was a bootiful hike!! In the 4th picture down, the clouds look just like the clouds on your bloggie background! It's the pawfect one for you. Your mom picked the right direction to hike -- going DoWN the stairs!!

    -Off to pawt VI

  7. You met goats?!? Lola met a pygmie goat one time and it head butted her...twice!! Glad you had a much better, safer and non mom losing hike!

  8. What a difference in the weathers from the mountain down to the lake! Looks like this part of the day was beautiful for you. LOVE the video of you swimming and drinking up that lake water!

    I think Elvis is probably a good name for that chickie...

  9. You sure were being nice to those goats and chickens!!


  10. Much prettier hiking day, eh? That pigeon was a very good guide:) It's funny that you don't mind the going down steps - those are usually the ones that make us nervous. The going up steps - not so much of a problem.
    LOVED that lake - in fact, we would like that for our very own!
    Fun farm visit - Mom & Dad love the farms animals and Dad really wants some goats. But Mom says two species is enough in our house!

    The Road Dogs

  11. Wow you got some really great pictures at Holliday Lake State Park. Mom has not taken me there yet. It's funny they named that chicken Elvis.

  12. Whoa! You got to go swimming, follow a super tame purrdy pidgin, found ginormous frogs, talked wif farm aminals, & met an albino chikin named Elvis - what a GREAT day!

  13. It really did turn into a lovely day! You made such nice friends, too. That video of you in the water was so refreshing, I felt like I was wading in also!