Monday, May 2, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 6

This pikshure isn't rilly from the day we hiked Apple Orchard Falls.  You see, there be Apple Orchard Falls and Apple Orchard Mountain and we woz going to hike from down in the valley up the falls then up to the mountain and back down. This do be the sign fur Apple Orchard Falls up high on the Blue Ridge Parkway but where we started the hike down low in the valley there woz no sign and IT WOZ RAINING!  But we figgered waterfall hike in the rain, no big deal.  We just could not go all the way up to the mountain coz it woz raining too hard up high so we only did the waterfalls part of the hike on this day.  So, here we is down at the bottom climbing up to the waterfalls in the raindrops.
I did step rite ofur Mr. Snek without seeing him:
He do be a harmless rat snek, well, unless you is a rat, then he be danger, danger! I think he be all kinky coz he be stressed from me stepping ofur him, not coz he be hasing a bad scale day like mom be hasing a bad hair day in the rains.  Mom's hair be looking kinky, too, but it be too skeery fur me to show you that.
This is not the Apple Orchard Falls - they be much bigger.
This do be a red spotted newt - he has cuzzins in Noo Joisey wot I has seened afore.
I think we be getting close to the big waterfalls now.
Ta da!  Apple Orchard Falls wot be 200 feet high and crazee loud!
They has a bench there where you can take a break and watch the pritty waterfalls but it do be raining too hard to stop and we had to move on along.  We woz shawked that we could akshually see a seenik in the rains.
So instead of going on up higher to the Apple Orchard Mountain, we saved that fur a day with better wevvers and headed back down to our car on the Cornelius Creek Trail wot is a furry pritty trail wot goes along a creek with little waterfalls.  But I cannot show it to you coz, well, mom woz taking pikshures of the Apple Orchard Falls in the rains and the camera got raindrops in it and woz saying "MALFUNKSHUN!!! MALFUNKSHUN!!!"  Oh. My. Dog.  But after a while when we went lower some sunbeams comed out and mom holded the camera in the sunbeams and it dried out enuff to where we got a pikshures at the furry end. The camera do be OK now, thank dogness.
So we only hiked 5.6 miles that day but as soon as we got back to the cabin and turned the radio on they woz saying tornader warnings in Furginia!  We had crazee thunnerstorms and boomers all afternoon and in the nite times but I is not skeered of those. The tornader went to Halifax County and that do be not that close to where we woz so we just had storms and no tornaders.


Pandafur said...

It looks like you iz having a grate vacayshunz Shawnee. Your pixchures iz so pritty. stay safe frum those bad wetherz *purrr*

Frankie Furter said...



I am all fixated on that S N A K E

I can not pawsibly believe that you just stepped right over it..
I think it was HOOOOOOGE and skeeerie!!!

Cupcake said...

Apple Orchard Falls is just beautiful.

I'm so glad you were far away from the tornado!

rottrover said...

Our sister Allie who is at the Bridge now stepped right over a racer snake once. Mom was FREAKING out, but Allie just said, "whaaa?" We can't believe how GREEN everything is!!

Schnauzer Days said...

These scenes are fantastic! As for the snakes and creepy things, our human said she's have had heart failure by now :-) Dex & Lou x

road-dog-tales said...

Oh, pfffftttt! Just realized that we've missed all the vacation posts and will have to come back and catch up! You work much faster than us at posting your adventures! We look forward to savoring the pics and stories one by one. We're assuming you are back - so Welcome Back! And zipping through real fast, looks like you had an awesome time!

We'll be baaaack!

The Road Dogs

Corbin said...

Beautiful pictures of your hike!!!

Anna the GSD said...

A snake?!? Dad would have screamed like a little girl and left me and mom for dead! Even for a rat snake!! But it's funny, yesterday's hike was all about birds and this day's was all about reptiles!

Glad you guys didn't get and bad bad bad weather!

3 doxies said...



Busy Buttons said...

Camera malfunctions?! OMD! That would have been horrible, terrible, bad! Glad the sunbeams dried it out. WHEW! We all look forward to all of your pictures in your posts!!!

That waterfall was beautiful...even in the rain. And that one scenic pic should be on a postcard!

Mr. Pip said...

You saw all kinds of wildlife - snakes, lizards! Did you see any ...bears??? I am scared of them!

Your pal, Pip

P.S: Looks a lovely vacation!

Tucker said...

EEK a snake! EEK a lizard! I would be so pooped after 6 days of hikes. Me, I need 3 days to recover from a single hike.

woof - Tucker

Mariodacat said...

I'm laughing at a couple of comments you made Shawnee - "Bad scale day." OMC - you stepped on a snek! M would have died right on the spot if she did it or if I did it. (Guess that's why we're not hikers.) Another great adventure pal - and in the rain too. You do look pretty soaked in that one picture. But like the troopers you are, you & mom just kept going.

Amber DaWeenie said...

I was havin' so much funs on your vacashun wit you dat I hads to go back and look at each postee again. I tink I missed da SNAKE da furst time. EEEkkk! Glad it was harmless, but what do you supposed to do if it isn't harmless and you accidently steps on it?

The Heartbeats said...

Shawnee, we saw your newt's cousin in SC too!!


road-dog-tales said...

The newt is cute! We (meaning Mom) likes the lizard cuzzins, but she DOES NOT like the snakes. And we don't either 'cause whenever they're around, she yells at us to keep away! She doesn't like the snakes 'cause they don't have legs and you can't tell where they're going.
Those are some super waterfalls. Too bad it was raining so you couldn't sit and enjoy them with a little snack. We wish you could've sent some of that rain down here - our ponds are in dire need of the water!

The Road Dogs

ForPetsSake said...

Thanks for the snake pic - I do so love them :)
You had us laughing at the skeery hair in the rain comment. I understand completely!

Bad Andy said...

Whew! Rains, storms, lizerds, snakes, but no 'naders thank goodness! That day would have flat out kilt my mama, well....not the weather....the creepy crawlies woulda dun it. ick