Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 5 Part 1

I is going to has to do Day 5 in Parts 1 and 2 coz we had to abort Plan A and move on to Plan B.  You see coz the mountains be so high, the wevver in the valley mite not be the wevver you get on top of a mountain.  We woz going to Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway where there be two mountains, Sharp Top and Flat Top.  This is wot they is supposed to look like on a nice day:
Sharp Top be on the left and Flat Top be on the rite even tho it duss not look furry flat to me.
So mom should has had a clue sumpin woz up on this pawticular morning when the mountains looked like this: (This do be a reenactment.)
So mom thinked the clouds would blow ofur but they did not. They woz stucked atop the mountains.  Anyways, it did not stop us so we started climbing Sharp Top Mountain.

Ummmm, mom, I think we be hiking into a cloud...
Ummm, yeah, it do be getting kinda kreepy up here...
We heared "THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD..." We could not see wot it woz but we think it must has been a bear running away when he heared us coming.  Or bigfoot.
So up towards the top there do be steps in the rawks fur climbing up to the summit where there is supposing to be spektakular seeniks.
Then we gotted to the top and wow, wot wonnerful seeniks! NOT!

It do be raining in the cloud too so on the way back down mom woz watching her feets to be sure she did not slide on the slickery rawks.  She kept looking up to see where I woz and one minit I woz there and the next minit I was gone.  Poof.  Vanished.  And I turned around to see where mom woz and one minit mom woz there and the next minit she woz gone.  Poof.  Vanished.  I woz sooooo skeered and backtracked all the way to the top looking fur mom.  Turns out mom woz in a panic running ahead looking for me.  Then mom realized I would not leave her and go ahead, I must has either fallened off a cliff in the fog (GASP!) or somehow gotted off the trail so she came back looking for me and calling "SHAWNEE!!!! SHAWNEE!!!" but I did not hear her.  Finally mom heared my tags clanging and I commed around the bend and I woz all shaky and crying and mom woz shaky and crying and we hugged and stuffs and I is nefur losing my mom efur again! Wot happened woz I turned on anudder trail by axident in the fogs and mom did not see me turn coz she woz looking down. It woz so skeery to be all alone without mom. So we commed down off of the Sharp Top Mountain and decided to hike Flat Top Mountain anudder day when there be no clouds stuck atop the mountains so we could see the seeniks and not get each udder lost from each udder.  So then mom plugged a different park into her GPS wot woz not in the mountains and we wented on to Part 2...


  1. Okay, I was scared there at the end of the story! I am so relieved that you and your mom found each other again! Whew!


  2. Oh poor Shawnee, poor Mom. I know that must have been terrifying. I'm so glad the two of you found each other. I know Mom would have stayed there forever until she found you.

  3. EEEEKKKKKKK! Dat was very skeery! I would have's been back in da cabin hiding under da bed!

  4. That was the scariest post ever...Bigfoot and losing mom!?!? I'm so glad you found each other and didn't gets forever lost in the fogs!

  5. OMD. I was so scared just thinking 'bout you being lost!!!

  6. Thank dog you is a-ok!


  7. OMD Shawnee! We were on the edge of our seats (even though we knew you were okay!) Bet your Mom didn't let you out of her sight for days! Good thinking to wait for a clearer day for Flat Top.

    The Road Dogs

  8. That fog reminded me of a scary movie!

  9. *all his hair standing on end* O.O!
    dd ddon ddon't dddd ddo th that again! SHEESH Shawnee girl! That could have been your Halloween post - creepied me out! But mama really liked your fog pix - she said they're excellent!

  10. I know you clearly had everything go okay b/c you would not be able to write this post otherwise, but I got really scared for you and mom with all the getting turned around in the fog. Glad you were reunited!