Friday, May 27, 2011

Peeps on Parade

So fur Memorial Day weekend, Sarge ofur at Sarge Speaks Out is hasing this big event where we has to put our peeps on pawrade!  We has to tell something on our peeps (our hooman pack) and pawrade them in front of all of Blogville, hehehehehe!  I digged out all of the pikshures I taked with my Shawnee Cam fur the pawrade, but furst I tell you something on my peep, wot be my mom.

My mom werks from home fur a global telecommunicashuns company but she do not be a techie or nuttin like that (more like a techie imcompetent if you ask me, hehe) but she werks with the green papers part of the company like nummer crunching and analizashuns and stuffs.  BORING.  But.... she do be here all day long to let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in...  That do be so wonnerful even if'n she duss get annoyed sometimes. She gets ofur herself if'n I lay low fur a bit.  Anyways, I is a Joisey gurl and has always lived in NJ but mom has not.  She moved here from St. Louis, MO sebenteen years ago with the job she had back then wot woz a different job from wot she has now.  So you all knows my mom takes me hiking efurry weekend and we try to go to a different place each time coz we likes to see noo places and noo things.  Did you know that my mom has a horribull sense of direkshun?  She sure duss!  She used to get us lost all the time. So now she has a gabillion maps and searches the innerwebs fur informashun about where we is going afore we go so we has a plan and that keeps us from getting lost and ending up in Alaska! She also has a GPS backtracker thingie wot tells us how to get back to our car if'n she rememmers to set it.  You has to tell it where the car do be fur it to werk. (See techie incompetent above. Sigh.) We hasn't had to use it yet but it just be a matter of time. Hope she rememmers to set it when the day comes that we need it.  If'n not, nice knowing you all...

So now it be time to pawrade my peep around.  Ready...... set....... MARCH!

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My peep, me and my Shawnee Cam


  1. Shawnee, I like your Mom so much because I know she took good care of you when you were a scared little pup. Now look at you, you are a confident, skilled hiker. Daniel Boone would love you both so much. I'm so glad your Mom works from home so she can take care of you and your sisfurs every little want and need.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. How lucky for you that your Mom can work from home. That is great for her and for you. One of our human sisters would love to be able to do that one day, but those jobs are not easy to find.

    We are always so impressed by all the hiking that you do with your wonderful peep. We so wish our Momster were in better shape and could do that with us too. But we have a lot of fun just following you through your posts. And we don't get quite so tired that way:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Shawnee, I think your mom is one awesome lady! She takes you to so many new and exciting places (which is supposed to help you avoid canine Alzheimer's, you know) and lets you share your adventures with all of us. I love that she realized that you two were meant to be together, too! We should all have moms as cool as yours!


    P.S. Does your mom have any good recommendations for good back packs? Mom's always ends up hurting her back or arms!

  4. Wow, you are SO LUCKY your mom works from home. That's our dream (my mom and me). We are trying to figure out a way to make it work.

    Love the legs video! BOL!

    My mom has family in Jersey (guess we already mentioned this).

    Your pal, Pip

  5. That's one interesting leg galore video. TEE HEE! Looked like you had a very fun hike & thanks for telling us about your peeps.

  6. SHAWNEE.... you got IN!! YEY!!! You did a super job of showin and tellin on you peep! I think this is very theraputic fur us... getting this stuffs out in the open is very calming to our mentals, don't you think???

  7. Hi Shawnee!! I found your blog via our friend Sarge. Love your My Peeps post - I really should get round to doing a peep post too.

    Looking forward to following you xx

  8. Hi Shawnee! What a lovely Peep you have. It's wonderful that she's there with you all day, and what great adventures you have out on your hikes. We just love reading about them. Have a lovely weekend and it was nice to meet your Muzzer. Dex & Lou x

  9. Loved your "white leg alert" video!! You and your mom are so lucky to have found each other!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  10. Your mom is super cool! You guys are a great match together :-) Great shots with your Shawnee cam!

  11. Shawnee - You have a wonderful Mom! We don't quite understand our peeps jobs either, but as long as they're around to let us in/out/in/out, that's cool with us, too! We think your hikes are awesome and so happy you and your Mom found each other!

    The Road Dogs

  12. What an awesome hike! You must have seen some pretty interesting things! :)

    Happy Thursday woofs & hugs!!


  13. One day everypawson will kno your mum Shawnee cos there will be a speshul statoo of her for all her good werks for animals. Hurray for yer mom.