Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 4

So on this day we hiked at the park where our cabin be at coz as you mite has seened, there do be 20 miles of hiking trails at this park.  We came up with a loop wot capshured all of the hilites in 7.75 miles and I show them to you now.  So the hike started along the James River wot be furry seenik.  But on the way I had to stop and sniff these pritty red wildflowahs wot I has not seened anywhere else.
So now I be at the river.

Then we commed to Dixon Landing where you can put a boat in the river if'n you has one. We did not and thank dogness coz mom is known fur tipping boats ofur and that would be skeery.
Then there do be this place where you can come and make noms. We could has a big pawtay here. I do think all of Blogville could fit in here.
Then we camed to this gate to Tye River Overlook and it sayed that the horsies duss not be allowed.
So wot to do if'n you has a horsie with you?  Well across the way, there do be a place where you can tie horsies up thusly:
And then after the horsie peeples has goned to the Tye River Overlook and commed back, they can get back on their horsies thusly:
Those park peeples, always thinking... But seeing as I is a dog and not a horsie, I is allowed so let's go to the Tye River Overlook.
OMD that do be a bootifuls seenik.  There do be some kewl benches fur mom to sit on while she gibbed me my Power Bones fur energies fur my inner athlete.

Then a little resting coz it do be a furry bootiful and peaceful place where you want to hang out fur a bit.
So then we went on ofur to Branch Pond:
And after that we passed by the park office wot the park ranger be at.
Then rite there on the hiking trail I did find me a noo furrend.  Mom looked her up on the innerwebs when we got back home to Noo Joisey and this duss appear to be an Eastern Painted Turtle with pritty colorings. The turtle did not run from us and let us take her pikshure but OMD, I think she rilly needs a pawdicure, no?
So it woz anudder rilly hawt day and when we got back to the cabin I took a nap rite next to my water bowl just so it be handy if'n I needed a quick drink.
Mom had lots of water along fur me on the hike but it woz so hawt I needed even more.

I hope I is not blasting you all with too many bloggies all at one time.  I wanted to do as much as I could while it be fresh in my memmeries and afore mom needs the pooter fur her werks tomorrow.  I is only half way thru - we did A LOT of hikes!


  1. We love all the great stories Shawnee! Thaks for sharing:)

    RA & Isis

  2. WE are really enjoying your adventure, Shawnee. We love the names of all the places and that bench was very cool with those special words on it. Bet you and Mom slept well on your nights at the park.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Omc dat wuz sum wunnerful seeniks u did seed up der. I lub ur horsey tutorials too!

    It looks like u n ur mom did hab a beary nice vakashun.

  4. Shawnee Girrrrl I am just LOVIN this to bits!! I can't believe the view from above the Tye River.. and the picture of BRANCH Pond was beautiful.

    The turtle was grrrrreat! Butt fur sure it needs a MAJOR Pawdicure.
    I think you really looked so content and happy layin there next to your water. It was easy to tell you had truly enjoyed your day.

  5. OMD!! That Tye River Overlook Senik was stunning!! Did your Mom lay down next to HER water when you got back to your cabin?? Thanks so much for sharing this adventure with us. It's really fun!!

    Rottie Kisses,

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  6. You found a cool turtle, too? Shawnee, you have all the luck! We love reading about your hikes, but you could always schedule them to post on certain days at certain times.


  7. We're loving following your adventures, the photo's are fantastic, it is a beautiful place - keep 'em coming! Dex & Lou x

  8. The bench should have said,
    "Leave only paw prints"

    Love, Cupcake

  9. Wow, a turtle?? I think I saw one once and I wanted to pick it up and make it my friend but mom said no, drop it. Boo!

  10. Your scenics just keep getting better and better in each post!

    I love the stairway to nowhere for the horsies, too. *snickers*

  11. Shawnee - This is a most beautiful hike! That overlook is amazing. We're getting a little misty-eyed 'cause it reminds us of the long beautiful hikes we used to take when we lived in places with hills - like VA and UT! We've been living at the sea level for too long, we're thinking. Of course, some of us are a little long in the tooth for those kinda hikes now. But we sure these virtual hikes with you!

    The Road Dogs

  12. Oh, and that turtle was the coolest! Our Dad is working in NC and he saw a turtle in the road last week and moved it to safety. He loves the turtles!

    The Road Dogs

  13. I'm only now catching up with reading, Shawnee, but I must say I've been really excited to read all about your trip!

  14. That ranger office was just being built the last time we were there. I am glad you had a great day to see the Tye River Overlook.

  15. I can't get over how different you look without your pack!

    They must grow them horsies HUGE over there......needs stairs just to get on 'em? Holy horsie-shoes!

    And turtles with HUGE talons - eeek!

  16. This was an interesting blog for me, Shawnee, because I seem to recall several years back being at a garden wedding (with my Auntie who lived in Scotsville, VA) that I believe was held at that very open pavilion in the park. I will have to ask my cousin if she remembers it. How neat is that to think that our paths crossed so many years apart...?