Monday, May 2, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 8

So on this day, our last day afore going home, the wevvers woz bootifuls and we did the two hikes wot we missed because of bad wevvers - Flat Top Mountain and Apple Orchard Mountain.  They is both on the Blue Ridge Parkway only about 6 miles apart so we drived the car from one to the udder.  We started at Flat Top furst and there woz no cloud stuck on the mountain like the udder day ofur at Sharp Top.
We could see Apple Orchard Mountain from going up Flat Top Mountain.  See that white ball atop Apple Orchard Mountain - that be how we know wot mountain it is and rememmer that white ball fur later coz you will not beleef your eyes when you see it up close and fursonal!
Going up higher and higher...
Here I is at the summit but there be no seeniks rite here.  We has to go to the right then the left and climb up rawks fur seeing seeniks.
This do be anudder rawk climb wot be too steep fur me so I had to wate while mom climbed up to take pikshures.
Then on the way down we finded some more seeniks where mom had to climb up on the rawks.
Heading back down...
Oh mai, wot has we here? At furst mom thought it be anudder snek but on closer inspekshun she seened it do be a sallymander!  We think this do be a White-spotted Slimy Salamander.
Now I has to tell you that I is being stalked by this burd! Yup, this same eggzakt same burd has been following me at almost efurry hike we has been on but until now he would not sit still to has his pikshure takened. His wing fevvers must be furry tired from flying around after us all this time fur him to sit still so long. We think he be an Eastern Towhee.
OK so now on to the Apple Orchard Mountain!
So we started at the top of the Apple Orchard Falls this time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiked up the Appalachian Trail to the top of Apple Orchard Mountain.  Like the sign duss say, this be the highest point in Furginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway AND it be the highest mountain on the Appalachian Trail from here north until the Appalachian Trail reaches Noo Hamsheer!
We did see one thru hiker (a hiker wot hikes the whole Appalachian Trail and sleeps in the woods at night - yikes!) on the Appalachian Trail heading north from Georgia!  Wow, he had hiked a long, long ways and still had a long, long ways to go.  The 63 miles we hiked on this trip be nuttin compared to ofur 2,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

So rememmer afore from Flat Top I showed you the pikshure of Apple Orchard Mountain with the white ball atop it? Is you reddy to see that white ball up close and fursonal?  Hold on to your leashes and catnip coz here it comes, the alien mothership!
This is wot the sign say it be but that just be a government cover-up fur sure!
There do be some nice seeniks wot the aliens has here.
So we commed back to the summit a little later fur a break but furst we wanted to go down the udder side of the mountain a ways to find wot they call "The Guillotine."  Hmmm.  I wonner wot that could be?  Well, this do be it:
How skeery. If'n that rawk ofur my hed falled down, I would go SPLAT!  Let's go back to the alien mothership where it be safer.
I think rite here by the summit sign be a good place fur a break. Then something grabbed my attenshuns...
Can you see wot it is?
I so wanted to put the bitey on that bee but mom sayed NO coz he woz not bothering us and he could sting me in my mouf and that would be a BIG problem on the mountaintop where there not be a V-E-T close by!  So I just looked and did not put the bitey on. But oh, I so wanted to.

But then I did start to get sleepy from lissening to all that buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise from the bee...
So after our break we headed back down the mountain to our car and went back to the cabin to start packing up our stuffs fur the trip home.  That leaves me with just one more hike to share with you from on the way home.  Hey, why sit in the car fur 8 hours when you can do a hike on the way?


  1. Shawnee, it has been so interesting to follow along on all the trails. This one was quite impressive - your mom is really a good hiker to be able to do all that rock climbing. We are very glad you left that bee alone - they can cause lots of problems.

    We will be back to see your final post for this trip.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Dis has been so much funs following yous on all your hikeys. At least you didn't get losted on today's hikey. You saw's lots of kool stuffs though.

  3. Oh, I am so green with the jellyness over all that hiking you got to do! It was so beautiful, too. I'm glad you went back when there was better weather.

    OMD! We tried to take pictures all together on Saturday and Morgan could not focus because she was trying to put the bitey on a bee! You Shepherds must have a thing for those bees!


  4. OMD. 63 miles?!?! HOLY COW! That's a looooot of hiking, even for 9 days! I'm very, very impressed.

  5. What a great vacation you has had. You were so lucky to be rescued by your mom - look at all the great adventures she takes you on. M & D have visited the Blue Ridge Parkway (he he - only by car). That is some tough hiking friends - very tough hiking. Pictures are bootiful too - good job by mom.

  6. ALIENS?!?! And Bigfoot before that?? You sure you're not on some supernatural show??

    I like to chase bees says no. Boo mom.

    Is that your mom trying to flag down an alien ship with her scary white legs?? :)

  7. Well, the hiker you ran into sounds like my husband. He hasn't hiked the whole Appalachian Trail but when he goes, he carries his tent, sleeping bag, food and everything on his back and sleeps in the woods. Ditto on the 'yikes'. That is too much for me.

    I love all the critters you run into on your hikes!

  8. You find the coolest things on your hikes!!! Wonder when that Alien ship is takin' off...

  9. I missed some of your blogs! The horror! I'd have wanted to catch the bee too. I love catching bees.

  10. So glad you had some nice weather for this hike! Beautiful scenicals! And very smart to leave that bee be :) We speak from experience!

    Wow! 63 miles of hikes?! You bet you slept good on the way home!

    The Road Dogs

  11. Wow, alien ship AND a guillotine!? My palms started getting sweaty seeing you under that SPLAT rock. Please don't scare me like that!

    I love the nap pics here. Very jealous you get to snuggle on top of a mountain with Shawnee :)

  12. Stalkers, slimy surlymanders, aleins & gilligantine? !!! Just another day hiking with Shawnee! :)