Monday, May 2, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 9 and Going Home

So this do be the day we drived back home.  Wow, this week flew by speedy fast!  So on the way home we did the Big Schloss (that means Big Castle in German and I knows that coz I do be a German shepherd) hike wot we has been wanting to do fur a long time on our way coming or going from udder hiking trips in Furginia but we nefur could coz it woz either raining, or 100 degrees out or like last fall the trail woz closed coz of building a noo bridge.  But anyways, this woz our lucky day and we finally made it!
This mountain duss sit on the state lines of West Furginia and Furginia so up on top of the mountain, half of me woz in one state and half of me in anudder state all at the same time!
There woz some rilly nice seeniks along the way...
Uh oh.  This do be the noo bridge wot they bilded last fall with furry skeery steps going UP!  I wanted to duck unner and go on the rawks but mom sayed "NO, danger, danger" and leashed me up and MADE me go up those skeery steps.
OMD, I made it and the bridge itself woz not skeery at all. The did a wonnerful construkshun job on it and it do be nice and sturdy.
After the udder side of the bridge, I had to squish myself atween these rawk walls...
... and then mom and I looked at each udder, like OMD, we cannot go all the way to the end at the arrow fur the bestest seeniks ...
... coz we would has to jump ofur this DEEP crevice wot went straight down skeery steep and mom and I woz both skeered of it!
So we just had to be happy with the seeniks from the bridge.
That woz good enuff and we woz happy we finally got to do this hike and headed on home.  Thanks fur following along on my advenshures.  It woz loads of funs sharing it all with you!


  1. And it was soooooo FUN fur you to take us with you on this FANGTASTIC journey. Fangtastic and BEAUTIFUL.

    Did it HURT to be in TWO STATES at the same time??? I had NO idea that could even EVER be done!!!
    I saved THIS post until Today so I could SAVOR the remaining looks and excitement.
    And those looks were really exciting fur sure!!

    I have TRULY enjoyed this trip. (And so has my mom).
    Thank you so very much fur letting us go along with your.. well, except fur that SNAKE pawt.
    I just don't know how you will ever TOP this adventure (except fur the SNAKE pawt).
    You are the bestest Blogville Secretary of Parks and Recreation that we will EVER have.

  2. Great trip, posts, and pictures. You had the purrfect vacation (even one rian day isn't bad).

  3. Just beautiful Shawnee! I especially loved da foto of you in TWO states!!! That is uber cool!

    And it was nice of you to translate da German words fur our non-German furrends. Heehee

  4. You got split in two? Man, that bridge looks would probably have second thoughts about it, but not as scary as that big crack/hole!

    I bet you sleeped so good when you got home!

  5. What a great vacation. I'm so glad I got to go along. Thanks for the beautiful views!

  6. I feels jus' like I was on your vacashun wit ya! Dis was so much fun...cept for a couple of skeery parts. But, hey, we gots through it, right!

  7. Oh we're sad that it's the last day of your trip, we've so enjoyed travelling along with you. It's always nice to go home though and look forward to the next one, Dex & Lou x

  8. My parents went on vacation, but I wasn't able to go. You're so lucky that your parents can take you with them! I really enjoyed all the pictures from your awesome vacation!

  9. Must have been pretty hot out there. Looked like it was an awesome hike! You guys sure love going very high up, huh? Great views!

  10. Um...why is the trail called Big Castle if there isn't actually any castle there?

    The scenics were really cool!

  11. I think you were smart not to make the big scary jump!

  12. Whew, so glad you and Mom didn't try to make that leap - that was very scary, Shawnee!!! We had so much fun following along with you on all those trails. Thanks for sharing - all those posts must have taken you and Mom a lot of time and effort to put together. We really enjoyed them.

  13. We are glad you didn't try the jump - Mom couldn't have done it either.


  14. Shawnee, Morgan and I dream of hiking with you! You just find the best hiking spots and have all sorts of fun. I'll bet you never get locked in the van, either!


  15. Shawnee, you're a very pretty doggie! It looks like you've had quite the vacation! I have yet to go on a vacation...maybe because car rides make my tummy feel sick. :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  16. That was a most pawsome hiking trip you took, Shawnee! I don't blame you for being skeered of those steps. Why don't they put backs on them?

  17. Oh, what a great end to your hiking adventure! So glad your camera dried off 'cause it would have been a shame to miss photos of these beautiful scenicals! Our Dad would like that hike 'cause he's 1/2 German, too. Actually, he would LOVE any of those hikes you went on. We're really missing VA now!

    Thanks for sharing your great hiking adventure with us!

    The Road Dogs

  18. shawnee I cant' believe your momma did jump the crevice. I mean woo had to cross state lines and endanger woo furballs on that bridge walkies. My momma is so afraid of heights she would be shaking and I would be like woo... come on to the edge of the rock cliff- the view is furry pretty. silly mommas

  19. As terrified as I am of heights, I was already freaking out with your pics. Very glad you didn't jump that crevice. Very glad.

  20. I think they better be working on another bridge over that scary crevice! It was beautiful there!

  21. Very glad you had your senses & didn't go over the deep hole in the rocks! *legs feeling VERY wobbly*

    Thank you for taking us on your pawsome hiking vacation! Superb pix & fun stories, too. Thanks! XoX