Monday, May 2, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 7

We taked this day off from hiking coz there woz still storms and we do be needing a break anyways.
Oh, nefur mind that beer can on the rug out there. That woz litter we picked up on a hike but the can woz durty so mom leaved it outside until we could put it in recycling.
It woz just a snooze-in-your-hidey-spot-with-your-monkee kinda day.
Later in the afternoon the storms went away and we had pritty bloo skies. We just walked around the cabin area a little to stretch our legs.

So fur the rest of our trip the wevver peeples say it be looking good so we can finish up the hikes we had to abort coz of the bad wevvers.


  1. Wheeeeeew.. I am kinda relieve to get a rest... All this hiking is wearing my legs down to nubbins. BOL BOL BOL... as IF my legs weren't Already nubbins..

    Now about that certain.. empty can.. are you SURE Puddles wasn't sitting on the deck that night???

  2. Oooooooh, I thinks I just gots busted!
    If it was a lite beer than it was me...if it wasn't, then it wasn't me:)


  3. Oooohhhh...I love your monkey...

    That day sounds perfect for me and Mom. Napping is what we do best.

  4. Well, I tinks a nice rest was on da menu for today. More adventures tomorrow!

  5. I sure hope it was better weather!


  6. Some times a rainy day is nice - good nap time and Mom can always read a book or nap too.

  7. I bet when you are hiking, your little monkey waits patiently for your return. Then you let him know all about the great adventures you have.

  8. That monkey sure does look like a good cuddle buddy!

  9. Now, if they just had pizza delivery!

    The Road Dogs

  10. I love those days - for me, they are "snuggle on the couch with my pups" days :)

  11. Yah, right....we know....the munkey drank that beer.... cheeky munkey!