Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Foliage

So apparently foliage is wot they calls all of these leaves wot dies and falls off the twees. They causes us pwoblems coz we has a driveway wot goes to the garage at the back of the yard. When the driveway is covered wif leaves, we cannot tell wot is yard and wot is driveway so we start to pee and poo everywhere and mom can't see the poo to scoop it up for all the leaves everywhere. Then we track it inside... Ewww. Wot a mess! The udder day Your Daily Cute asked how many a gabillion is. Allows me to show you.

One, two tree, fore, five...

One tousand nine hunderd sebenty too, one tousand nine hunderd sebenty tree...

Nine trillion and fore, nine trillion and five, nine trillion and six...

A gabillion leaves in our yard!

So us dawgs supervised while mom was cleaning up leaves. (It takes all fore of us to keeps our eyeballs on her.) Mom uses our pooper scooper to pick up the leaves - who would has thought our pooper scooper could do that?

Dixie says "Nice job, mom!"

So our deck is all clean, the tabul, umbrella and chairs has been put away in the garage for the winter and we can rake up a gabillion leaves again in a day or two.


  1. Wow! A GABILLION is way more than I expected. This was a great way to explain it!

    Looks like you all did a great job helping rake those leaves. Now you can keep all your pees and poos in order again! :)

    Thanks for answering my question!

  2. We don't have fol-i-age here yet...but I think it's coming. Well, we do but not like your gabillion foliage!

    You know, peoples ALWAYS need supervision! Great job!

  3. WhooHoo! A gabilllllion leaves. That is something. We have never counted that high. You got us beat on leaves.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. I really don't like leaves like that 'cause they're so crinkly on my paws. Glad your mom cleaned up all of yours!

    Mom couldn't find some of my poo tonight 'cause of the dark and the leaves. *giggles* She's worried a neighbor will "find" it before we do tomorrow in the light!

  5. Fred The Doggy Nanny's BF spent three hours on Thursday -

    NO LEAVES WERE LEFT in my yard -

    Friday am: evfurry leaf in the world was bakhk in the yard!



  6. Hi Shawnee,

    Thanks for explaining what how much a gabillion is. That totally makes sense! You and your sisfurs did a good job of supervisin' you mom. She sure had her work cut out for her!


  7. Yeah! I mean, Wow! Gabillion leaves! They're pretty though!