Monday, October 12, 2009

Wildlifes In Our Yard!

Sydney and I has strateegikally dugged holes under the fence in various places around the yard. Shhh. No telling mom pleeze - she not knows bout it. We has not dugged them so we can escape. Oh, noes, we not wants to run away. But coz our yard has Fort Knox sekurity, mousies and stuff could not comes in and Sydney thinks she is a mouser. So cause we dugged holes, Sydney can nab herself small vermin every so often, much to mom's dismay. I don't partake in that but it is not beneath me to lend my sis a helping paw by enabling them to come to us.

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would has humungus wildlifes coming into our yards through our sekrit tunnels. Check out wot camed in today - a giant groundhog! We has never seened one in our yard afore:

I has a feeling this is the hole wot he used over yonder in the corner of the yard:

Thank goodness @boriskitty sented along this gifty of a twee twunk full 'o skwerels with Human2 for us yesterday coz it is a good substitute.

Oh, and speaking of @BorisKitty, if'n your hoomans want to makes you some rilly kewl Howloween Dawg-O-Lanterns or Kitteh-O-Lanterns, Boris has all the instrukshuns on his bloggie!

Here is the Shawnee-O-Lantern he maded of me!


  1. Hey Shawnee,

    Thanks for barkin on my blog. I'd watch out for that groundhog cause they can be meanies.

    I've learned that there are 2 New Yorks. The one I live in has trees and dogs that are free. My poop stays where I pooped it. I only wear a leash if I'm going somewhere I don't want to go.

    My cousin Gryff lives in the New York where doggies have to be on a leash all the time and all the poop gets picked up. He has a room in his house that moves and it is the only way to get to the outside. Outside they cage up the trees so they can't leave and it is very hard to pee on em. You have to walk a long way to see grass.

    I like my New York best.

    I have the same stuffied squirrels that come in a stuffied log and ya have to get um out of the holes. I love it.

    Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

  2. Your new pal khould be lots of fun BUT I hear they are pretty nasty if woo bother them when they don't want to play!

    Good lukhk with your mom not diskhovering your 'sekhret'


  3. Shawnee, you and Sydney look so cute trying to pretend you're not up to something. That squirrel gift you got is so cool! Also, that jack'o'latern of you is amazing. Mama and I think it's beautiful! I hope you girls don't get caught, but it may be hard to keep the hole from your mom. Good luck!


  4. It's a pig? In the ground? That sounds sketchy, especially with all the chatter of swine flue...I'd stay away!

    That pumpkin is sooo cool! Mom saw the pattern and might attempt to do one, but I don't think it will look that good..or even anything like that!

  5. Whoa... I've never seen a real live groundhog before -- only in pictures! Your yard buddy was cool, Shawnee.

  6. WOWZA! You gots some really skeery wildlife in you's yard. Holey moley, all we get is squirrels, mice, and birds. So cool! We yike you's punkin', too. Momma is gonna make one fur each of us. We fink that alla' you's should has a punkin', don't you?

  7. I like the Shawnee-O-Lantern - very lifelike.

  8. Your punkin looks beautiful wif your face on it. We had an opossum in our yard yesterday. Well actually he walked up the driveway & into the neighbors yard. Thanks for visiting. We haven't had snow where we live yet only wind and some rain.
    Ernie & Sasha

  9. Wow, I've never seen a ground hog before!! Herding time!!! Wow, your yard is like Fort Knox!