Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harriman State Park, NY (Claudius Smith's Den)

Coz it rained all last weekend and today was better wevvers, mom taked the day off werk so we could go hiking. The boy went wif us too. (I calls him "the boy" but he is 4 in dawg years.) The only place we could go for hikings is Harriman State Park in Noo York coz they never allow huntings and everyplace else has huntings going on. I still weared my no-huntin-me-orange coz you never knows who is going to be breaking the law. Like me not wearing a muzzle like the park peeples rules say I is sposed to (shhh). Like Claudius Smith.

So the boy had not been hiking wif mom since he was a little boy. I had to help him out at first and show him how it is done.

I used to think these piles of rawks was kreepy and would woof at them but now I knows it is just part of the trail markings so we knows we is going the rite way. It is called a cairn.

The first seenik overlook wot we comed to is called "Almost Perpendicular" and you will knows why when you gets there. It's a strate drop down off the cliff! I had to stand close to the boy to keep him from falling off.

Then we camed to Claudius Smith's Den - they say it is haunted. Skeery. I is not going there in the dark.

And you can goes on top of his den to the lookout:

Who woz this Claudius Smith? He was an outlaw during the Revolushonary War. You see, the Americans and the British wanted to put the bitey on one anudder. I dunno why. I has lots of British fwends. (Hai all my fwends in Inglund wot I luv deerly!) I guess Claudius had British fwends like I do so he would swipe horsies and cows from the Americans and sell them to his British fwends. That must has rilly been breaking the law coz in 1779 they caughted Claudius, putted him in jail (not like Twitter jail) and hanged him ded! You can click on the copy of the wanted poster to biggify and read wot he did or click this linkie.

So Claudius and his not-so-merry band of robbers hided their loot in that den. (Well, they does say Claudius was sort of like Robin Hood - if'n somebody was pore, no matter wot side of the biteys he woz on, Claudius would give him all what he thieved fwom rich peeples.) And the not-so-merry band of robbers could stand on the lookout on top of the den for sekurity of the thieved stuffs wot they hided in the den. They say that Claudius buried silver in the mountains there and that kin came from Canada years after he was ded to look for the treasures with maps Claudius gived them but they not finded noffin but some muskets. So I keeped an eye out for treasures today like this:

But all I finded woz some birfday balloons wot landed in the park on axident and some beer cans but I don't think they belonged to Claudius and they is not made fwom the rite silvers.

We camed to this placed wot is called "Elbow Brush" and I has to tell you, I woz having none of it! I cwied and sayed I was not going in there and getting stucked so mom had to find anudder way for me to go around that part. The boy went in and he did comed out the udder side. I was worried.

We sawed a gabillion chipmunks but they woz all too fast to has their pikshur taken. Then we sawed a boy deer. I knowed he was a boy coz he had antlerz on his hed. We tolded him to stay in this park coz he be safe fwom huntings here.

Then little did we knows when we walked through this...

That we woz going to come out wif this:

EWWWWW! Ticks! It is the first time this year we has seen them while hiking. I has my Frontline on and mom and the boy putted Deep Woods OFF on but those vishus attack ticks dinnot cares. They was all over us and we had to picked them off. Ugh!

We finally camed to Lake Sebago where I got to do some swimmings:

So we is all rilly tired coz we hiked 13 miles and there was lots of rawks and hills to climb. It woz only sposed to be like 8 miles but mom maded a rong turn so we ended up doing more. I has to see if I can make mom get up to get me some kibble to nom on coz I is hungree fwom all this hiking. And Penelope needs her antibiotics. COME ON MOM! GIT UP!!!!


  1. Wow, that woz an very interestin walk Shawnee and your blog is very educational. I am fully enrolled in the University of Shep

  2. Oh my goodness, this was very informational! These pictures are so good and it was great to see so many parts of your hiking adventure. It was also very interesting about Claudius Smith. I can see a movie being made some day about his buried treasure. Thanks for sharing all the details about your hike. Your bloggie is always so fun to read!


  3. Lots of cool stuff! But not the ticks! Blah! Boo on ticks!!!

    I wouldn't have gone in those rocks either...that looks like perfect squirrel attack set up. What is this chipmunk of which you speak? Sounds scary!

  4. Eeeek! tick! eeeew!
    Great post as always! Thanks for the beautiful pics. We love all those pretty colors *woof*
    Chipmunks? you mean Alvin? Theodore? Simon?

  5. That looks like a cool hike. You must be in good shape.

  6. What a pawesome hike!

    Tank woo fur sharing it AND fur the stories that go along with it!


  7. Awesome hike, Shawnee! Love the pictures, as always, and glad you got those ticks off!

    Just wondering though... how many is a gabillion? :)